Hello from San Diego

Hi everyone, My name is Eric and I’m 58 y/o slight beginner as I’ve played an acoustic many moons ago and was gifted by my Navy son with an electric combo pack for Christmas. He taught me some basics while on leave here in San Diego so I’ve been learning some simple intros-“Smoke on the water” anyone? , but decided I wanted to really learn how to get as good as him. Stumbled upon Justin on Youtube and saw he has ‘how to’s’ so here I am.
I’ve already built a pedal board for the DS-1 and Donner Revecho as I am into Shoegaze and older Punk and Rock.
Rock on people


Hey Eric, welcome to the community. I lived in LA in the 70s and did a job in San Diego. Fun times. I started playing ten years ago when I was 53 and Justin gave me a great start on my guitar journey, it’s been very well worth it. Stick at it, the first couple of months require dedication and then it starts to get fun.

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Welcome, Eric. You have come to a great place to learn to play. Follow Justin’s structured programme and you will achieve your goal and have lots of fun along the way.

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Hello Eric. A very warm welcome to the community.

In that case, you are in the right place. Start with Grade 1 and go through all the structured lessons and practice routines in the order presented. You can’t go wrong if you do that and seek support and encouragement over here too.

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Welcome Eric!!

Yes! The first I’ve played even before of knowing how to hold the guitar :joy:.


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Hello and welcome Eric. :slight_smile:

Follow the course and you’ll be banging out tunes before you know it.

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