Hello from Santa Cruz, CA

Hello Nate and welcome. :slight_smile:

Ooooo, Back in black, what a great album.

No doubt about it. So iconic, I remember very clearly where I was, what I was doing, etc, the first time I heard the opening riff from BiB. Made me sit up and pay attention instantly, and then the entire album is like that. Where I was, what I was doing, etc., is very mundane - there’s no story there other than that I remember it.

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I just tried to upload it to YouTube but turns out guitar covers are not covered by fair use even when played over a backing track :frowning:

Is it actually stopping the upload or publishing? Never encountered that before, though I will get copyright flags quite frequently. That doesn’t bother me as I am not looking to monetise my recordings just use it as a sharing repository. Most folk here use backing tracks ok. Maybe some of our stateside members can help.

@J.W.C @CT @LBro Jason, Clint, Bro have you guys experienced this ? Not seen it over the pond in Europe so can’t really help.

Sorry Nate !!

Once the upload is complete, it starts going through several steps before the video is published. One of those steps is about copyrights. So I used this backing track: AC/DC Back in black Backing Track (with vocals) - YouTube
I might give it another go with a midi backing track see what happens :man_shrugging:

HI @cd - Nate & @TheMadman_tobyjenner ,
I think every cover I have ever uploaded (roughly 30?), have had CR violations. If memory serves, all uploads were allowed to “use” the “original” content as the CR/song owners granted permission to use the material in exchange for the monetization. Once the processing is done, read the fine print and most likely you will see it is not a strike against you and you are granted permission to use the material. The one time I did have a “Take It Down” block, was with video I uh, borrowed from “Bad to the Bone”. In that case I discovered at that time you could use snippets of the CR video if the segment lengths were under 17 seconds in length. But for the most part, covers will be flagged, are ok to use and there is no problem.

What we need to know Nate, is if you go further, are you prevented from actually posting your video? Or did you simply read the bold text warning and pull out? You have to read the fine print to see what the outcome is and what it means to you posting your creation. Please give more detail on what I have shared, in your experience. As others will learn too. I do know certain bands are pretty stinky about their CR rules. But I did not know AC/DC to be one of them.

Keep rock’n,

I did go further but at the end “visibility column” of the video is set to “blocked”. When I click on that I see a message: “Blocked - This video contains copyrighted material. As a result, it has been blocked worldwide.”

As I understand copyright owner (in this case its Sony Music Entertainment on behalf of Epic records) don’t let anyone use the musical composition of this song under no circumstances. Including when demonetized.

Just a thought but are you using an existing video as a backing track and adding your audio to that? That would be similar to LBro’s block. I’ve not encountered it when I’ve used an audio BT them recorded with that then added that to a video of some description. Must admit I don’t read the small print and just hit next or continue until the upload or processing starts, must have a look next time.:rofl:

That’s what I initially thought. But then the claim owner is SME so I don’t know :man_shrugging: Lets see what happens with the midi backing track.

@Nate & @Toby,
Well the only thing certain about YouTube is that it changes almost daily and one never knows what is next. It would appear your video has indeed been blocked. Add AC/DC and that CR owner to the list. I know some have had issues in the past posting Dylan and The Eagles stuff. Anymore, before I put a bunch of time into a project, I make up a dummy upload file that contains my content. If I don’t have the content I simply put in the exact song I am covering, (the original done by the original band), then upload it to YT, just to see if it passes the test. Most CR holders realize the value of allowing others to use their content. More hits for them, = more money and advertising to THEM.

Nate - You could try Soundcloud? That is if you mainly have audio to share. Personally I hate SC. They once deleted all my postings and they seem about the worst IMHO at altering the sound of your post. But it and others could be a viable alternative.

All the rock’n best,

Welcome to guitartown @cd!

I haven’t seen a copyright claim since my first cover a few years ago. My covers are a far enough departure from the originals as to not trip the algorithms and record label overlords. I have no idea how copyright strikes work – except three strikes and you’re out. :slight_smile:

Hello Nate, a very warm welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

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I gave up on YouTube and uploaded it to vimeo.com. I want to share it on AVOYP but not sure if its against rules ?

Here is instructions on AVOYP topic:

You can copy / paste the link to your YouTube or SoundCloud in the post itself and it will be embedded automatically.

Does that mean I can’t share a vimeo link ? or it’s just that we don’t have integration with sites other than youtube and souncloud?

If its latter, I can then simply post the link.

Hi Nate. Good question and thanks for raising it. I probably ported that particular wording across from the old forum where we had YT and SC embed.
So far as I know Vimeo should work here.
When you post can you let me know - I will need to update that guidance.


Thanks Richard.
Here: Back in black - AC/DC (cover)

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Hey there, welcome to the forum. I live in Salinas so not too far away. Currently on working my way through level 4.

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Welcome! My wife and I lived in Santa Cruz back in 2008 on Kaye street between Park and 3rd.

Does the boardwalk still put on Friday Bands on the Beach in the summer?

The one thing about living in Santa Cruz I never could stomach was all the damn vampires…
I couldn’t resist! Haha :wink:

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Welcome welcome!

an hour a day isn’t bad at all;
Kep it fun!

Hope you find some cool jam buddies as well!

Welcome. Grew up and spent half my life in Santa Cruz before moving my family down to Imperial Beach. Harbor High grad and surfed every spot in the county and beyond. Still have family in Midtown and Corralitos. Have fun with Back in Black. Can’t wait to hear some. Rock on

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I think they stopped because of covid. I usually take kids there for the rides :slight_smile: