Hello from the Chicago Area US

Scott here. 70 years old and retired. It’s a lot better to learn something than sit on my butt watching TV. I started playing drums in the 4th grade and by that I mean the bass drum. Our school music teacher didn’t seem to get percussion so the two of us either played the bass drum or a snare. Spent most of those years on a practice pad. Decided the school band wasn’t for me and Dad found me a real teacher and got me a very nice Pearl drum set. My friends and I had a band until we finished high school and went our different ways. The band was fun and we made money playing bars, clubs, schools, etc. I also had a mandolin, 6 strings and lap top steel. All of which I was terrible at. I started playing a Uke 3 or 4 years ago when my Wife thought it would be a fun thing for both of us to do. The wife was adverse to practice and stopped playing and I got an electric guitar and amp. One of those cheap combos on Amazon. I also picked up a cheap acoustic. Traded the cheap tele knockoff for a Gretsch and also picked up a Breedlove. I gave the amp from the combo to my son and picked up a Fender LT25. I really enjoy playing and have no aspirations of becoming any kind of star. I think I play songs to learn about music and not music to learn songs. I also don’t chat very much. Thanks for listening. Later.

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Welcome to the forum Scott. sound like your all set to learn to play guitar.

Hi Scott. Welcome to the community!
I have a very similar story: 70, retired, and played in a band as a teenager. I picked up the guitar again after a brief, 45 year hiatus, found JustinGuitar and here I am 3 years later a much better guitar player (and student) than I was in my teens. I hope you find as much enjoyment and satisfaction in it as I have.

Welcome to the forum Scott, great to hear from you. Now that I’m retired I get a lot of pleasure from my day when I can sit quietly and play songs on my acoustic. great fun

Thank you!

Hello! I’ve been here for a couple of months and I love it. I also take in-person lessons locally. I don’t like being idle.

Hello Tony, yes I get a ton of joy from playing

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Hi Scott, great story, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing more as you progress :slight_smile:

Welcome Scott. I am originally from Ireland but have been living in the Chicago area the past 4 years. Have fun on your guitar journey!

Thanks nzmetal. As in New Zealand? And Eddie, Ireland. Two places I would love to visit.

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Welcome. I’m originally a Chicago-area guy; grew up in LaGrange, lived most of my adult life in Wheaton (working in Naperville) before moving to Minnesota for a second career. I always wanted to play when I was a teen, but had neither the time (always had a job outside of school) nor the money. Finally was able to take it up as a retiree. Justin’s the best.

Yes, spot on! Hope you get the chance to visit one day! :slight_smile:
Possibly some similarities in landscape to Ireland I’m picking? Would love to visit there myself too!

Well Mark, I grew up in Forest Park and currently live in Brookfield.

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Hi Scott, welcome to the forum!

Hello and welcome to the community Scott. :slight_smile:

Sounds like there is plenty of music knowledge there, I hope you enjoy your guitar journey.

I am currently in Evanston but possibly moving back to Europe this year.

Hi Scott, welcome. Learning to play guitar looks a great way to spend retirement time. All your previous musical experience should help you. Enjoy your guitar time.

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