Hello from Trevor in Somerset, England

Hi Im 71 years young and been trying to play the acoustic guitar for more years than I care to admit. I have tried many online courses but have come across Justins which looks the business. I am based in Somerset in the UK .


Welcome to the forum Trevor you’ve come to the right place Justin’s beginner course is the best there is. You’ve got lots of company here to help you on your journey


Hey Trevor. Welcome to the forum. I started learning guitar over 10 years ago thanks to Justin’s lessons and it’s so worth it when you stick to it. I started playing 15 minutes a day and at first could only play for 5 minutes at a time till my fingers hurt from the steel strings. That soon faded and before long I was able to play my first song. The rest is history. Good luck.

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Thanks guys any advice for the practice assistant which I can’t get to work must be doing something wrong any tips gratefully received

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Hello Trevor, a very warm welcome to the Community.
Kudos to you for being a learner aged 71. Have you visited our kennels where the old dogs learning new tricks sniff about from time to time? Older guitar students - can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?
If you want any help or guidance just ask - this is a great place for support, help and encouragement.
Richard :slight_smile:

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Hi Trevor
Nice to meet you!

I think you’re in the right place now :smiley:

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Welcome Trevor,

I also just joined the community - definitely a good place to learn.

Warm welcome again and happy playing

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Welcome Trevor,
Enjoy your time here :sunglasses:

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Welcome Trevor - Phil here from Weymouth, not too far from you. Nearly 50, learned one scale and 3 chords to play in (terrible) bands in Weymouth early 90s then left it for life, family and kids. Been following Justin’s course from the very beginning and learned so much I never discovered teaching myself.

I’m sure you are in the right place :smiley:


Hello Trevor and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hello Trevor, so nice to have you here :hugs:.
I’m a beginner myself (started my guitar journey in April), and can say, that Justins course is really great. He takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through all the modules.
Take your time and - most importantly - have fun :smiley:.

Hi Nicole thanks for your encouragement and also thanks to all . It is definitely the coolest of guitar lesson sites I’ve been on. Happy plucking