Hello from Wiltshire

Hi my name is john a 68 nearly 69 year old from Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire England been trying to learn guitar since i was 10 had some lessons then and my first tune was Dance On by the Shadows lead only carried on learning for a while and could eventually read music and play most of the Shadows hits.I then stopped for a few years and when in my early 20s started again only lasted a year though then 40 years later tried again using the Justin site and discovered loads of tutorials on the web.decide to follow the beginners course 2. my fav bands were T Rex ,Status Quo & Slade I can play a few of the T Rex songs and some Slade but Quo are pretty difficult.I plan to stick with the Justin course and maybe learn some others as well .I have 4 guitars a lake placid blue squire strat,a polar white squire Tele a sunburst electro acoustic and my latest a vintage V100 gold top les Paul type.


Welcome to the forum John

Hi John, Welcome to the community.
My guitar evolution timeline is similar to yours. Started lessons around 11, played through my teens, took 45 year off (to recharge), started again in my 60s with Justin.
My only Shadows song is Apache. I don’t have a guitar with a vibrato bar and finger vibrato doesn’t cut it for their songs.
Enjoy the journey!

Hi John, welcome to the community forum. I’m also 68, but from North Carolina in the US. I learned to play at the age of 20, but never got far beyond beginner guitar. I did get inspired to get an electric guitar in 1999 and finally found Justins site. It sounds like you have the electric guitars to play different styles of songs. Have fun learning new songs.

Hi Steve yes my Tele is in open G trying to learn some rolling stones,the gold top is for T.Rex and my Strat for status Quo and Slade I use my acoustic for Bowie,heroes, john Lennon,imagine, Dylan like a rolling stone, and some other stuff it sounds good but I can only play a few songs on each one.learning merry Xmas everyone by Slade should go down well xmas day!!!

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Hi John! Welcome to the community! I wish you a lot of fun on your journey! You seem to be well equipped, so nothing can hold you back. I have a Vintage Strat model and really like it,

Hello John and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re enjoying your guitar adventure.

Hi John,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community, John! :slight_smile:

Glad you re-entered the guitar-journey along with Justin. Wish you lots of fun on your way! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

Welcome John to the community, glad you stopped by to say hi and restarted your guitar love wishing you ongoing success. :+1:

Hey John, welcome to the forum

Funny how back in the day Quo used get slated for just playing 3 chords. So much more going on in their music. Welcome to the forum John.

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Hi John welcome. Good you are playing guitar again. I have heard The Shadows but not the other two bands. I have to check them. Have fun playing your guitars.