Hello I'm John (aka Hammer) in Tasmania, Australia. I'm old but new

Hey John, welcome to the community, nice to have another aussie hanging around. It’s worth the effort to get to where you can play songs. For me, that gave me all the motivation I needed and now it’s such a great feeling to be able to pick up my guitar and just make music. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hello, the old Yamaha is a FG 335, still in great condition. Action maybe a bit high which makes it a bit harder to play. Thanks for the reply.

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Hello Hammer, another old dog sneaks into the kennel to join the barkers and growlers. Welcome to JustinGuitar and the community.
Forget about the Youtube algorithms and randomly scattered clickbait guitar tuition videos. Stick to Justinguitar. 99% of what he offers on the website is free. Not only that, it is clearly and brilliantly structured, sequenced and devised to take you from the very beginnings to intermediate skill and beyond. Focus on the essentials, focus on the doing and, of course, learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

Well done, Hammer. I enjoy Bad Moon Rising. Looking forward to seeing you progress!

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G’day John,
Great to have more Southern Hemisphere people here, I’m in WA.

just bought a Katana Mk2 50 and love it. They’re some nice looking electrics you have there👍

Hey mate , cheers . Just added to the little collection, second hand Epiphone, inspired by Gibson, Hummingbird.

That it , no more. Try now to learn how to play, :grin:

Haha, yes I was recently tempted to buy a new acoustic when I saw the range of Cole Clark’s in the music store but I have a Yamaha similar to yours and they did a pro tune for me and it’s magic now so I’m just concentrating on the learning too​:roll_eyes::+1:
That is a really nice looking Epiphone tho’ I must say🤔

Hi John, Welcome back to the community. It can be easy to wander and get lost in the guitar instruction wilderness. I know I have . As others have said start at the beginning with module 0, look at the song videos and consider getting the song app for practice. Try to practice a little each day and have fun and you will eventually reach your goals.

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