Hello , new from tasmania

hi, Hammer here. just beginning my journey. have a bacchus live road 98, and now looking for an amp. looking at the boss katana 50 watt, did see a second hand peavey vypr 30 watt modelling amp. not sure which way to go,

Hey hammer, welcome!

The Katana is like the world’s most popular home amp must be a reason for it!

Hello John and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I have a Katana 50MKII and I wish I’d have gone with the 100 just for the fx input, so I can stick pedals in there.

Welcome to the Community, Hammer. You’ll find lots of Katana users here and Justin himself recommends it. I can’t comment on the merits of the Vypr. From memory I think it depends on the specific model.

Welcome to the community, great to hear from another Aussie. Look forward to hearing more.

Justin and his acolytes swear by the Katanas.
The only debate seems to be is it worth shelling out the extra dosh for the 100 with an fx loop (for pedals that @SgtColon doesn’t need :laughing:).
I bought a Peavey Vypr (15W) early on my journey and hardly ever used it. I thought it was complicated and not at all intuitive. Having learnt a little more about amp effects and watched a couple of tutorials, it’s actually a pretty decent amp.
Pound for pound it blows my Yamaha THR out of the water, but that’s because I only paid £40 for it. They are completely different beasts.
If the Vypr is a bargain, go for it.
If you want to treat yourself to a nice quality product, get the Katana.
Now is that the 50 or 100 … :thinking:

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Welcome Hammer, enjoy the journey!!
I’m a Yamaha THR owner so can’t offer anything on your amp question I’m afraid but whichever one you land on I’m sure you’ll be served well :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community hammer. Looking forward to hearing you play. There are many good amps out there, depending on your budget and what you want it to do. Last year I bought a Fender Mustang amp and absolutely love it. Take care

Jeff from California