Hello there

Hello! Great to be here, I am Nathan from the UK, been learning (myself) the acoustic guitar for around six months now as I wanted to learn something new and play for friends. And I love music.

I have a new yahama f310 I have been using. Not sure if this is a good starter guitar?.

I can play quite a few songs now, like oasis, rem and some current tracks. I practice just about every day for around 2-3 hours, yes my fingers kill.

I use you tube videos, Justin’s app, and online guitar tabs to help me learn.


Hi Nathan

Welcome to the community, look forward to hearing more from you and learning more about your guitar journey.

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Welcome to the forum Nathan

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Hi Nathan,
Welcome and with that time playing a day we see you soon in AVOYP sectie :sunglasses:
I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome Nathan, from across the pond. Great bunch of folks here. Sorry, can’t help about the guitar, I only bought my Fender Squier 2.5months ago.

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Welcome Nathan! All the best with your guitar journey! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hiya Nathan, sounds like a great start and good for you in deciding to learn, Justin’s the right path to take! :wink:

I can’t comment on your guitar model specifically but it was a Yamaha acoustic that got me playing in the first place so can’t be too bad I’m sure!! If you have fun playing it then it’s good :+1:

All the best!

Hello Nathan and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Sounds like some great artist’s to cover. Maybe you should look at Brian Adam’s, summer of 69. :wink:

Thanks I’ll have a look at that one today!

Hello Nathan,

It seems to be very reasonable choice, hopefully it will serve you well until you start yearning for another guitar :slight_smile: .

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Welcome Nathan,
Great to hear from you and on your guitar journey.
Sounds like you have great motivation and are enjoying it and putting the work in.
My first guitar was also a yahama from ebay.
Hope to hear more from you :+1:

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Welcome, Nathan!!!
Your guitar is good for a starter.
There pain in the fingers are natural, and practicing every day is great!
You might want to split the 2-3 hours per day into smaller times of 3 to 4 30-minute sessions.
Playing for about an hour will surely deliver the pain in your fingertips.
As you develop the callus in your fingertips, the pain will be lessened.
And even with callus, your finger will definitely hurt with playing for more than an hour.
Keep on playing.


Great man :exclamation: Playing all those after 6 months :exclamation: Great :exclamation: Great energy :exclamation: Welcome in the group Nathan :exclamation: You’ll see, it’a very nice, supportive, motivated and kind group. Welcome :sunglasses:

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Hi Nathan, welcome to the community. Good you are already playing some songs you like. It doesn’t hurt checking on other learning resources, but I think you should stick to Justin Guitar method a your main learning path. I do not have experience with acoustic Yamahas, I have an electric, but I think that if it’s allowing you to learn what you have learnt so far and the songs you are playing are sounding good, upgrading you guitar is not an absolute need. One think to check is the action (distance from the strings to the fretboard). Although I have also an inexpensive guitar I took it for a setup one year ago and the technician corrected the action. It has been a lot more enjoyable to play since then (some would say to spend the money in a better guitar, but more expensive guitars also may need a setup; although, sometimes is included in the price by some guitar stores)


Thanks for advice

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Nathan, Welcome to the community forum. I second the advice to get the action height checked and split up your practice into smaller sessions. More than 1 hour of playing is heard on beginners fingers until you get calluses.

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