Here I am Lord - fun to learn

Heard this one recently and thought I’d give it a go. I really enjoyed attempting this one. The guitar is a little heavy but I tried it slower and felt it lost something.

Anyway appreciate feedback as always.


Think I’ve been blackballed here. Either that or nobody has the heart to tell me to stick to fishing….lol.

Anyway, my last post. Good luck all.

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@MiJoy Hi Mike, I definitely don’t think you’ve been blackballed! AVOYP responses vary in timing for quite a few reasons, and it often takes a while to get a few comments. Hang in there, keep sharing, keep playing, keep learning.

I stopped in to listen to this song because I used to play it … a hundred years ago lol. I decided to give you some feedback, as it really is a lovely song. Overall you’ve got a good start, especially since the song is new to you. I suggest playing along with the song (there’s several versions on YouTube). That will help you fall into the rhythm of the song, a very steady 1-2-3-4 beat. A very simple strumming pattern would sound quite nice on this song, simplified a bit from what you’re playing. You’re right that it doesn’t need a heavy handed strum, you could try playing without a pick and see if that helps you achieve what you’re looking for.

Thanks for sharing the song. I hope to see you around again, that this one wasn’t your last post :slight_smile:

It saying that the song isn’t available Mike.

Hi Mike,
I think that so few people respond because you are not actively participating in the community yourself, you have created 10 topics and you can also find most of your comments there,…I gave you a tip before that if you want something more response you will have to give something more back to all these people… you see especially the longer present community members quickly stop responding more or less with people who don’t really participate and especially the newer people still post comments under their topics ,the most “old” ones stop with it…it is very busy here, so choices are simply made for the people who know “we” a little better…nothing more, nothing less,
Don’t be angry, or disappointed,…you get back what you put in…new round new opportunities?
Greetings and all the best, Rogier

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Link isn’t working Mike!

Did you take this down or something? I went to check it out and it is “poof”?

Same ^^^^^ here!

He must have taken it down.

Couple more factors beyond what others have said already.

Videos get a LOT more listens and comments than Soundcloud. Much more engaging to watch & listen.

Songs people know also get a lot more attention.

No, it’s because you posted it and then took it down within a day, before most people had a chance to listen to it.




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@mari63, thank you, you are very kind. Appreciate the feedback.

@roger_holland , Thank you good point, I have only responded to a few performances of others. I felt unqualified to do so. But that is probably not the way to look at it.

@jkahn , Good points as well. I don’t know how to make a video. I believe I only have the app that came with my current (and old) operating system. Even if successful creating a file learning how to post it to YouTube will be a learning curve. The point you make about the song choices probably makes a great deal of sense. Attempting to listen to a song that one likely never heard before is probably difficult to do where the melody is foreign. Add to that listening to a newbie attempt to perform the song is probably difficult to critique.
It wasn’t just this last song. My last song got 1 response after many days. However that song was likely not familiar with anybody as well. If not a huge Dion fan like myself this song is not on anyone would have heard before without having purchased his latest album. Probably why it was not listened to.

Side note, confessing a personal flaw I have here and would be curious if any others experience to any degree the same issue. On a couple of occasions I have made a recording, then thought, that wasn’t half bad. Then, a day or so (or maybe even the same day), I listen to it again and think, that absolutely stinks. How could I have possibly thought that was any good at all. Anyway, when this coincided with near zero feedback on the last two songs, I took as confirmation on the later. Having had that thought, I thought perhaps my guitar, with price of heating oil this year, might be better served in my wood stove this coming winter.

Anyway, thank you folks, I appreciate the feedback, I really do. If I do post a song again, it will be very familiar and a video. In the meantime , I will provide my thoughts on others good work.


Hi Mike,
:smiley:…and your song really doesn’t have to be known,…if you’re a little be known here that’s more than enough…it’s just that many topics open without “we” know en see you a little bit,well for me anyway that`s too busy to keep up ,thats all…
Very well picked up the comment and I’m glad you don’t give up,and thinking of posting in the future…keep playing and feel free to search and ask some people how you record videos or whatever…stuff and audio geeks enough here… :grin:

You don’t need to offer critique Mike, all it takes is a simple “Well done. I must try that song myself.” Or words to that effect.

Think about it differently. You have more experience than those just starting off on the learning process, so qualified to provide advice that you have learned as you have progressed through that stage in the learning process. As for those further in the learning process just taking the time to listen and a supportive message means just as much as some technical feedback.

You could record a video using a phone, tablet or computer. If you give more details of your devices then I’m sure one of the resident technical experts would kindly take the time to give you some guidance. @sairfingers does great recordings just using his phone, so if you have a phone handy with a camera then you are good to go.

Check out this post:

I totally agree with Rogier. The recordings posted by the community members have introduced me to a lot of musicians and songs that I have never heard before.

Keith is spot on… given the vast number of posts recently its hard to keep up. Eventually they do get quite a few views as soon as people start to catch up.


I’m late to the party, Mike.

Firstly, the song … I don’t know the original so no mental reference. I thought your playing sounded pretty steady, clean, and fluent throughout. That’s good given it is a recently learned song. Maybe the tempo could have been just a little faster as I felt the vocal felt to me to be just a little slow. Good idea to practice playing and singing with an original recording separately to continue to improve both and then bringing playing and singing together after some practice.

Secondly, you’ll know when there is an issue associated with your participation, either a fellow member will call you out on something or you’ll be contacted directly by a Community Mod. As others have said, AVOYP is now a busy place and new posts can remain without replies for a while.

Thirdly, again as others have said, when there is a flurry of posts then many may be inclined to cherry pick, using whatever criteria works for them. And that may include a sense of the poster’s level of activity in the Community. With respect to replying to others, this Community is about supporting people’s learning. And for those early on the road, posting AVOYPs is a scary prospect. So mostly what is needed is simple encouragement and acknowledgement of progress. Add to that sharing what you enjoyed, what may have stood out, the positives and that makes the biggest most useful contribution in my opinion. And the cherry on that cake may be to provide technique pointers to help correct flaws. I know some folk want more in-depth critique but they are the minority and will usually be explicit and ask for that. You are not the first person to feel inadequate to reply but would encourage you to just get into the spirit of mutual support and encouragement.

Keep at it … and fishing … and look forward to more songs as you progress.

very happy to hear you are back on the forums Dave. And hoping you are progressing well with your issues. Great to have you back here.

Thanks much for the feedback. It is a song that some chose to do very slow, deliberate and reverent, while some others chose to do a bit faster and (perhaps it is fair to say), more folky or a tad bit more modern. It is actually fun to try it both ways.

Again, thx for advice and feedback.

The OP now reflects a more peppy version.

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Hi Mike,
I was curious about this one, as it’s a hymn that is sometimes sung in our church.
Kudos for posting and don’t worry about the ‘participation hiccup
You are playing really well for such a short period. Keep it up.

You need to change your mindset on this. We’re all here learning. The most useful aspect of posting is not to be told how good we are but to get pointers on how we might improve. It’s also a great documentation of progress over time.
If you’re looking for helpful suggestions, the rhythm could be a bit more consistent, but is really good for your stage. You might want to focus more on the pitch in the vocals. It might be helpful to listen to a recording and write out the melody in notes and then sing them along to guitar/ piano/ or recording until are comfortable with the melody line.
That said, with hymns the main point is belting them out and I sometimes enjoy them even more when target notes are missed :wink:
Keep 'em coming.

Thanks much Brian I appreciate it. Someone else made a similar suggestion about using a melody line to try to adhere to with the vocals (if I’m reading this correctly). I don’t know how to read music as of yet very well but I do get concept of following a pitch by reading a melody line. As of yet I do everything by memory/ear. I’ll work on this. Maybe steal a song book from church.
Kidding of course. :wink: