Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles

I have covid, so my voice isn’t the best. But a good time to play some guitar. Just learnt this, thanks to Justin. Always been a favourite of mine. Slightly adapted his fingerstyle after seeing Sean Lennon play it like this on Instagram as a birthday tribute to Paul McCartney. Here’s my vastly less accomplished version.


Very nice.

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You have a style of your own Claudia and you sell a song convincingly. Well wishes in your return to vibrant good health.

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That was really great Claudia. Lovely vocal and some super fingerstyle too. Well done. One of my favourite Beatles songs.

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Wow, I really loved that.
Your guitar work was fantastic. Loved your finger style. Great Barr chord transitions and for someone with the big C your voice was great.
All over a wonderful song sung and played wonderfully.

I always love to see a Beatles song. You have a great style. I enjoyed that very much!

Wish you a speedy, full recovery, Claudia.

Lovely performance, both playing and singing.

A small minor thing, it would be good if you could tilt the camera down a little to crop off the ceiling, rather than the bottom of the guitar. I love to watch the fingers of the right hand dance their dance, especially when playing fingerstyle.

Thanks for sharing, always a treat.

Hi Claudia,
All sounds good on this end. Maybe I need to get the big bad bug to help my singing! You did well, especially when that is factored in!

Keep up the good vibe and take good care,

Yes, I realised David that I’d got the angle wrong. Will correct for the next one.

Not a biggie and ‘wrong’ is too strong, could just be better :grin:

I look forward to your next.

Have you considered joining a Community Open Mic? I’m not following the sign-up posts in the Call For Interest.

Sounds scary

I can’t lie, the first time is a little (or lot) scary, Claudia. I can only say having listened to you play and sing in a number of recordings shared, that you have more than enough ability. So quite ready to join in and overcome the nerves.

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I’ll take a look at the forum, David, and see….

Claudia, here’s the Call For Interest topic: Open Mic 010 - Call For Interest and a link to the recording of the last event: Open Mic 009: Recording + After-show Chat

Well listened to that then had to go back and check the intro !! Nothing wrong with the vox whatsoever and the fingerstyle arrangement worked very well. The only problem I had was volume and I had to nearly max the PC speakers to hear the recording. Not something anyone else picked up on and didn’t detract from the performance at all. As David said your track record suggest an Open Mic would be a good opportunity for you. Let me know even if its a theatre seat first time for vibe evaluation !


Yes, I agree about the volume. Will try and correct that in future. I’ve been watching and listening to the last open mic and I have to say I’m awed and definitely somewhat daunted by the standard of the playing and singing on there. Not sure I’m ready for that yet.

Claudia, I think as people we often see others as ‘better’ than maybe they are, and ourselves as ‘less’ than we may be. As I said, having watched your recordings, I would love to play and sing as well as I see you do. I’m quite sure you are ready from an ability perspective. As Toby says, maybe join as audience and get the feel of the event.

Sounding lovely again Claudia,. I’m with Gordon here, one of my favourite Beatles songs too and you’ve done it great justice.

I can recommend going for the Open Mic a lot. OM 009 was my first one and as daunting as it was the whole experience of focussing on one song and having one hit to perform it was really rewarding. Don’t be put off at all, it’s the kind of experience that teaches you more than you think it will and you’re absolutely more than ready for it in my opinion.

That’s a really interesting point you make David about others sounding ‘better’ and ourselves sounding ‘less.’ I think it’s probably very true. I’ll bear it in mind for sure and thank you for your encouragement. Thanks to everyone for their comments here. I enjoyed all of your performances on the last open mic a lot.

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That was a lovely piece Claudia, really well played and sung and it was a tasty bit of fingerstyle as well.

I hope you’re feeling better soon.