Hey Joe barre chords

Inspired by @Bytron08 ’s recent post on AVOYP. I started with Justin’s beginner version but then realized I could use this song to learn E and A shaped barre chords, rather than playing it open. I’ve got the intro down and am working on the main chord progression, starting slowish to try and get them clean.

There’s some cool inversions I learned about too, where you take a Major A shape barre and play the 3rd on the A string instead of the B where it “normally” lives. Sounds Hendrix-ie (we’ll only slightly for me).


Hey Jsgreen! Haha thanks man i appreciate it! Anyways yeah i sometimes use barre chords in the song also, especially the G one. I didnt use it in that video cus i guess i just forgot but i generally go to the G barre chord and use my pinky to hammer on one of the notes to give it that hendrix feel. I grab all my barre chords hendrix style, i never could grab them the regular way, my hand is to weak lol.