Hi All, Peter from Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to the community Peter.
Moments of frustration and Joy are part of this guitar journey. Enjoy the ride :grinning:

Great to see another Aussie posting here. I started 10 years ago at the age of 53 and thanks to Justin guitar it’s now become a lifestyle for me. Good luck on your journey,

Hello Peter, a very warm welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Welcome Peter. Have a look over here.
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Welcome mate, from a fellow Aussie.
Great to see you starting the journey. You’re in for a whole lot of fun.

Justin is a tremendous teacher, and this great community will help you along the way. Feel free to reach out here anytime.

Looking forward to see you progress.

Cheers, Shane

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Welcome, Peter. There is no better time to chase your dreams than now!

Welcome to the community Peter

Hi Peter! Glad to hear you’re really enjoying taking up the guitar. I’m very new to it and sometimes feel like I have ten thumbs, but your right about Nitsuj’s lefty lessons, makes me realize no one is an expert at something new :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Enjoy yourself!

Hey Peter, welcome to the community. You’re in for a fun ride and we’re here to ride with you. When you feel ready for us to hear your progress, there’s this Post your first recordings here Peter.

Hi Peter, welcome aboard from another Melbourne resident.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the journey.

Welcome from another Aussie, Peter.

Hello and welcome Peter. :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you are enjoying your journey.

Hi Peter what a fantastic way to keep things in perspective and see that you are not the only one who’s having problems time to time and that its just all part of the process. Look forward to your planned recordings.



Hi Peter, good on you for picking up the guitar again.

I’m 51 and have picked guitar up again a few years back and it’s one of the best things I have done. I’m also in Melbourne, maybe we can jam sometime?

Keep playing and learning …

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Welcome to the community Peter and good luck with your learning journey. Lots of people here to help should you have questions.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I think I’m really going to enjoy learning guitar and sharing the experience with you all.

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Hi Peter and all the others from Melbourne who have joined in to say welcome.

From my own experience you can start whenever you like, just commit to practice and don’t worry about how long it takes.

The only thing I would do differently is I would have made videos of myself playing at all the stages of learning. It would have made it easier to see progress having something to look back on.

There’s a few here offering to jam so I thought I’d pop this link for a meetup group for guitarists in Melbourne.

Check out Darebin Guitar Playing Group on Meetup

COVID has stopped us from meeting but we’ll start up again some time soon.

Good luck


Hi Curtis

Thanks for the advice, I did think about recording myself on a regular basis, maybe every 2 months, so that I can track my progress.

I’ve only been at this for 3 months and at first wanted to learn everything as quick as I could but now I realize it will take as long as it takes and I’m enjoying the learning process more than I thought I would so am in no rush now.

Anyway, I’d like to drop in to your guitar playing group sometime, I’m not really in the area(Mornington Pen) but more that willing to make the effort.


Hi Peter

You’d be more than welcome. We have people who come quite some way to join us. At least one from Frankston so you’d be in good company.

Thanks for setting up the group Curtis. I have joined the group on Meetup and look forward to something coming from that in the future. I’m in Eltham, so not too far to go.