Hi, Craig from NZ

my name is Craig and I’m another late starter (59) from Whakamarama in the sunny Bay of Plenty NZ. I have always wanted to but never been able to play anything other than the on/off switch on the stereo and can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
So why the guitar?

Because a voice told me to … “stop wasting time and just get on with it. Life is too short to muck around. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, just do it for yourself!”

Just over three years ago we lost our middle child in a flying accident. A talented athlete who represented his country, a flying instructor just on the verge of the airlines and an avid guitarist and Queen/Bon Jovi fan. His older brother got his Electric, his sister got his acoustic but I hung on to his pride and joy - a Brian May red special !
It sat there for 3 years. I missed the sound so much. Then I heard him say the above. Probably only in my imagination but never the less. He was right.
I picked it up and started but such a special instrument did not deserve the awful things I was doing to it. I bought a decent yamaha acoustic and hunted around the internet for lessons. We live a ways out of town and it is hard to get in for lessons (if you can find an instructor!)
Then I found this site. What a relief. Something steeped in logic and common sense. Thank you Justin.
I’m still in grade 1 module 4 but at least now I’m making some sounds that don’t resemble two cats fighting under a sheet of scrap iron in a gale! (some of the time).
Looking forward to the journey and hopefully learning from the people also on the same road.


Welcome Craig, from one of your neighbours across the Tasman.

Thanks for sharing your story, and sorry for your loss. But you’re absolutely right, life is too short, and if playing guitar is enjoyable for you then it doesn’t matter whether you’re good, bad, mediocre or whatever level in between. Just have fun with it.

I don’t have a lick of musical talent myself so I get where you are coming from. I spent most of my life avoiding musical pursuits and looking on with envy and wonder at anyone who could sing or play an instrument. But a few months of dedicated practice with Justin’s lessons and I have made a lot of progress.

Happy playing Craig. Keep in touch.

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Hi Craig, South islander here.

Really sorry to hear of your loss, music can be quite therapeutic though and the Brian May guitar is a gorgeous thing to have esp with the memories.

JG seems a great way to learn, I’m relearning but its helped a great deal.

Oh and part of the fun of an electric is making a lot of noise!

And as for musical, if you listen to music you can create it, its not that hard once you have a few tools in your belt.

Hey Craig, great to hear from a Kiwi here, my wife is a Kiwi and my first ever open mic (at the age of 53) was at the Rose Cafe in Clive halfway between Napier (my wife’s home town) and Hastings.

Glad to hear you are making progress with the guitar, what a great way to remember your son. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome to the Community, Craig. Sad story but glad you can pick up that guitar and learn to play here.

Hello and welcome to the community Craig. :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of son but what a way it is to honour his memory.

wow, that’s a profound story…

Justin’s lessons and our Community here should suffice to cast ne life into that Red Special!
There’s probably no greater way to remember him and this way you can keep exchanging love and pride with each other!

Welcome to the community Craig.

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s never to late to start playing guitar just remember to have fun with it.
Wishing you best of luck on your guitar journey!

Hi Craig,
Yes, life can sometimes be damn hard and heavy,…but luckily you now see opportunities again and you don’t give up…very good to take this road,…And why not just play that beautiful guitar? that’s what they are made for…or once a week to keep him/her warm… :sunglasses:

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Hello Craig, your choice to share your son’ s passion for guitar is really honourable and I guess also brave and joyful. Music can really bring joy to our lives, here’s a wonderful place to share it…but also to share our guitar adventures and disadventures…welcome!

Thanks for the messages everyone, I look forward to my time here.

Hello Craig and welcome to the community. I cannot begin to imagine the heartbreak and tragedy that you suffered in losing your son. I hope that following his advice, playing his music, having hands on his guitar, provides a means of joy and a route to connect with him and your memories. Richard :slight_smile: