Hi everyone, I'm Socio, nice to meet you all!

Hey everyone, I’m Socio. I’m originally from Scotland; living in England these days.

Here is a summary of my guitar journey:

My journey began back in the mid 90s when I bought my first acoustic guitar, a Westfield, and began trying to teach myself. However, it never lasted long as life got in the way. Needless to say I never got very far.

Fast forward to September 2020, I found myself with that burning urge to get back into playing guitar. So without hesitation I purchased a Yamaha Apx600 and began researching the Internet for the online lessons.

My research took me to Justin’s website and found the lessons to be a perfect fit. So much so that I found myself investing in some of his books, apps and the RUST course.

I am now on Stage 2 Module 9 and enjoying learning to play the guitar very much. So far the dreaded F Chord is coming along better than expected. With the assistance of the RUST course (volume 1) I’m finding my rhythm and strumming improving by the day. The songs I’m currently working on are Back to December and Why Does it Always Rain on Me.

A big thank you to all the contributors in the forum as you give me inspiration and hope. I look forward to continuing my guitar journey and passing on the knowledge and experience gained along the way to others.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Welcome to the community, Socio! Merry Christmas to you, too.

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I’m a year in, brand new starter. I’m also working on Back to December from Justin’s book. That is such a fun song to play. I just played it last night with my son on piano. What a joy!

Keep us updated on the progress.

Welcome to the site Socio. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome Socio!
Good to see you here.
Looks like your well on your way now!

That RUST course is great too. Completely transformed my rhythm.
Looking forward to seeing some tunes.

Cheers, Shane.

Thanks sah22. Yes, it’s a fun song to learn and a nice step out of my comfort zone. That’s great you got to have a magical musical moment on Christmas day with your son.

Thanks Shane.

Yes, I’d highly recommend the RUST course. Through the first grade I felt I was struggling with my rhythm and strumming.

I have been adding a couple of the RUST patterns to the beginner course module practice routines and using the Justin Time Trainer Application.

I like how you can use the application to practice keeping your timing without solely relying on the metronome click.

Welcome in! Just googled that guitar you mentioned and it sure is pretty. Hope you are enjoying your journey, and once you get that f chord down, it sure opens up tons of other barre chords and things to do. Keep at it!

Yep, that Time Trainer app is great. One of the best apps around I think, with so many varied uses. I use it daily in all my practice routines.

Hello Socio,
Welcome ,…good to read that you are now working in a structured way this guitar trip.
I wish you a lot of fun, and assure you that it will happen with this site.
Greetings ,Rogier

Hello hello, glad to see so many new faces in! Glad to have you and hope to see you around!

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Hello and welcome to the community.

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Welcome @Socio!

Playing barre chords all over the neck will make everything go smoother after a while so no worries. Picking some fun songs to play will get your barre chords running in no time

Welcome, Socio. Glad to see you make it to the new and improved forum. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome James, we need a few more from north of the border around here! :smiley:

You’ll get plenty of encouragement here and lots of advice to help you along your guitar road.

Welcome James :smiley:

Very glad to have you here and to know you’ll interact with us. Isn’t Justin’s material the bees knees?

Merry Christmas @Socio

Pleasure to have you join the community! Once you get the F Barre then you should have no problem with any of the E shaped barre chords which is awesome :smiley:

Justin is the best teacher you could possibly have!

Grand to meet you here, James.

Sounds like you are making wonderful progress.

Keep on rocking and rolling.

Thanks @Trish_S, I’m enjoying the journey more every day. The guitar has been a pleasure to play.

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Thanks @roger_holland. I quickly learned from Justin’s lessons and from reading the advice given by the forum members that it is important to have structure and fun.