Hi Everyone, Tim from Western Maryland

Happy New Year!! I have been using Justin’s site for about a year but never joined into the community. I am a “mature” student… my wife might disagree. LOL I took lessons many years ago and played until family and work life took over. Now the I am retired, I have been picking it up again. Anyone else doing the same?


Welcome Tim. Have a look here.
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Hi Tim and welcome to the community! You’re among good company here - many of us had early starts that didn’t get far, then picked it up again later in life… Here’s a topic about just that where many have shared their stories…

Oops - looks like @sairfingers already posted the link…

Welcome to the Community, Tim. Look forward to hearing you play

Hello Tim, Same with me. Dabbled with guitar for many years, we always had guitars around! I just started with Justin last month. Before that I was doing some book learning with Mel Bay and learned a lot about the fretboard from Barrett Tagliarino’s Guitar Fretboard Workbook. I played keyboard most of my adult life so jumping into guitar was tough because things aren’t just laid out for you like on a keyboard so I really wanted to understand what the “neck” was all about. Tagliarino’s book is very in depth and sometimes boring so I found Justin and his app makes learning really fun! Enjoy!

Hello Tim and welcome. :slight_smile:

I picked it up last year, aged 50. Slowly working through the beginners course and really enjoying it.

Hi Tim and welcome to the community. I picked up a guitar for the very first time aged 49 last year, and what a journey its been so far. I wouldn’t have got very far without Justin and his team. Hope you enjoy yourself here :slightly_smiling_face:

Bit late but just wanted to say hello and welcome. :sunglasses:

@timp Tim just read your post I think there is a lot of us picking up the guitar again in later life