Hi from Bob in Hobe Sound, Florida

Hi! I am Bob from Hobe Sound, Fl., USA. I just joined up with Justin a few days ago and I’m trying to find my way around in his program. I’m not the swiftest in doing stuff on the computer, so please be patient with me, and I will try to be patient with the program! Right now I would be happy to take any guidance anyone has to offer! For further info, I am 87 YOA and still kicking! I have been messing with the guitar for about 20-years, dug through a bunch of knowledge, but still a beginner as far as being able to play the instrument. I love the music though, and the complexity challenges me! I have to get the physical skills developed though as well as I can with the hands and the mind that I have left at this age. I think Justin’s program is my best bet and I am determined to try to make it work! Please advise on where I go from here!


Hi and welcome Robert!
The deepest respect, 87 years and still playing guitar! I really hope i can do that aswell when i come to that age.

Hope to hear more from you :grin:


Hello and welcome to the community Bob.

My advice is steady and slow as you go through the course. Justins BC1 & BC2 will give you a solid foundation and supplement the course by learning lots of songs as you progress.

Good luck and look forward to hearing you play in the future.

Welcome Bob. I hope I am still playing when I am 87, hopefully your 20 years of messing will be beneficial. Just follow Justins course, starting with beginner grade 1, if you know a stuff you can move on quicker. Good luck.

Welcome to the Community, Bob. Great advice already given. I’m sure you will learn more and continue to have fun, following Justin’s programmes. Still playing at age 87 is great, like John Mayall who is apparently about to retire from performing concerts at a similar age.

Hello and a warm welcome Bob.
You’re a prme candidate for our kennel full of old dogs learning new tricks.

We are all here for the same. The whole ethos is a generous and genuine pay-it-forward spirit in here and you will get endliess help from people alongside or ahead of you on the journey.


Start at the beginning een if you have some rusty skills from yesteryear. You want to go back to basics, learn good technique and good habits and refresh yourself on how to play from the ground up.
And simply enjoy the whole process.
Grade 1

Hi skinnyt and DavidP and thanks much for the response! I am sort of staggering around thru the website clicking on things and trying to find out how things work. I think I just completed some courses in grade one and did some associated practice that was in the same video. i don’t know how the website I am now on relates to Justins app which i have on my phone. Also is the practice and song app a different app?

Hello Robert,
You are never too old to learn, that wisdom will apply now :sunglasses:
I wish you a lot of fun,
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks much for the welcome tRONd!! 87 is just a number and we have to keep on keeping on until that number means something else!!

Well said Robert! :grin:

Hello Bob and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I can’t offer any advice as I’m just a beginner myself. Just follow the program and you will see results.

Hear hear!!! Way to go Bob!

Hi Bob.

I’m 49 and just started learning. Your my new inspiration on this new journey. 87 and still playing that’s awesome and many more playing years to go.

Welcome Bob,
That you are 87 and doing this is truly inspiring. I’m 70 years old and it’s been tricky overcoming age-related physical issues like data retention, processing and finger/hand dexterity, but certainly not impossible. Like many others here, I played through my youth, stopped for most of my adult life, then picked it up again about 3-4 years ago or so.
You could not have chosen a better instructor - I’ve been here for maybe three years.
Along with the instruction, support, community here and healthy doses of patience, work and resolve, you will see results.
BTW- I lived in Titusville, FL for ten years before moving to Virginia :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Bob. This is Jeff from California. It’s never too late to learn guitar. It is best to try to follow his videos one by one in order. The most important thing to learn in the beginning is the chords, clean changes, and playing in time. After 20 years you probably are familiar with many of the chords, so feel free to move on from things you already know. Justin also has introductory tunes that will help build confidence, like seven nation army. I’m happy to help in anyway I can. I’m not the greatest in technology either and battle with arthritis to keep playing. Don’t give up. You can succeed

Good morning to All! I thank you for all the warm welcome sent to me! It really made me feel GOOD! I am stumbling around trying to find out what to click on and how to function on this website. Is there something to read as a guide so I am not just hunting and pecking around?

Hi Papa G! I was working for Boeing at Kennedy Space Center, 1966-1970 on the Apollo Saturn Program. I was living in Cocoa Beach fairly close to the old Mousetrap Bar that was a popular hangout in those days. i worked in the VAB building, and many days we would drive into Titusville for lunch at the Burger King near the road to the KSC. Very familiar territory!

Thanks much Jeff!!

Hey, that’s nice … my father too, last year I saw all kinds of financial administration passing by while cleaning up boxes that are here in the attic … he did work from the Netherlands…

When you go to Justin’s home page, on the top click on courses and you should see lesson map. Start with clicking beginner grade 1. This will take you to a series of videos. I suggest going through 1 module at a time. If you already have the basic skills by all means advance to the next one and so on. The best skills lesson to check out is music theory. If you are like me and need to see the big picture for things to make sense, this will help. Please take your time and not rush through the lessons. All have their own unique value along your learning journey.