Hi from new beginner in UK

Hi everyone :wave:

Long time drummer and always wanted to play another (more instrumental) instrument so finally took the plunge and bought a second hand guitar which was just delivered and a mate is selling me his old amp so apart from the strap I completely forgot to buy in all the excitement I’m set!

I like most types of music, from baroque all the way through to the most modern genres with rock and metal “where it’s at” for me.

Love the site, as an absolute beginner on guitar the lessons are fantastic, huge thanks to everyone that makes it possible!

Now if only my fingers will stop hurting so I can practice a few more chords.



Welcome to the forum Ben

Hello and welcom. You will have great fun

Hey Ben - Welcome. If you’ve got rhythm then your already half way there!

Hi Ben welcome!
The hurt on the fingers, it’ll be better with time. And then you will learn new things and feel the wonderfull pain again :rofl:.
But playing guitar, it’s such a nice thing. The longer I play guitar (i started to practice "seriously " since April), the more I want to play it. Sometimes 3-4h a day when I can :laughing:
And immediately you have everything (except the strap, but its not a necessarily tool to practice).
Hope to see future posts (eventually with video :smile:) of your guitar journey.

Have fun !!!

Welcome to the Community. Three weeks and those fingers should be fine! Till you get to having to use that pinkie finger! :laughing:

Welcome to the forum, great to hear from you. When your fingers hurt, go play the drums, then back to the guitar so you can improve on both instruments at the same time! :smiley:


Hello Ben, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
As others have already said, the finger pain will go away within the next weeks. Don’t overdo it at the moment. Your fingers need some time to build calluses.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :guitar::smiley:!

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wlcome to the group Ben.


Hi Ben,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Welcome Ben, drumming should mean your timing should be good.

Welcome onboard Ben. :wave:


Welcome Ben! Use to play bass, I have mad respect for drummers :slight_smile:

Hi Ben, welcome to the community forum. I am a little envious. You can record some great drum backing tracks for your rhythm guitar. Also counting rhythms for specific strums will be second nature for you. I hope you have fun with all the lessons and songs.

Welcome Ben! I am a drummer turned guitarist too. I have realised that it has been such a benefit to have played drums before. You will be starting guitar with a real sense of rythm, keeping on the beat and not slowing down and speeding up. It’s SO important and these are things that a lot of good musicians struggle with. It’ll help not only with rythm guitar but also in using different rythmic patterns in solos. There are tons and tons of things to learn about playing guitar but the drummming is going to be a great help throughout. Enjoy the ride!

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Welcome aboard Ben,
Hope you have as much fun as I am.

Welcome! Hope you love it as much as I do.

Hello Ben and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That finger pain soon passes but it is a hard one to go through.

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone! I just moved onto module 2 of grade one and have picked my “dream” song to work on… Breathe (in the air) by Floyd. Also trying horse with no name!. Love playing 3 little birds though it sounds so close to the original I find my self singing along anyway