Hi from Richard - a noldbie (that's an old newbie) from Cardiff in South Wales

Hello, all. Two months ago I didn’t even know I wanted to learn guitar. Music was just something I listened to and admired from a safe, non-participatory distance. One sign of my advancing years (I’m 63) was an increasing occurrence of hand cramps. Then very recently I spotted my wife’s ancient classical guitar in the wardrobe and thought, “Hmmm…maybe learning a few chords might strengthen my fingers and reduce the cramps.” A few weeks later and I’ve yet to discover if the hand cramps are improving, but I’ve discovered what a joy it is to learn a musical instrument. It’s also very satisfying to learn the basics of music theory along with it. All those wasted years! I have so much to catch up with and am now in the market for a decent acoustic. Absolutely delighted with it all and very glad someone recommended Justin’s site to me.


Welcome, Richard. Whatever brings one to learning guitar, or any instrument for that matter, (in my case it was watching a concert film of the Rolling Stones and Keith Richards in particular) it is a wonderful way to spend time, full of joy and reward. And Justin is one of the best options to provide the required learning pathway. Enjoy

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Hey, welcome to the community, glad to hear you’ve discovered the joy that guitar playing brings to one’s life. I started 10 years ago at the age of 53 and now couldn’t imagine not playing. Keep at it, it just gets better and better.

Thanks, both. Tony, is that you playing and singing in your profile pic?! That really is progress!

Hello Richard and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I hope the guitar does help with the hand cramps, if not try drinking tonic water. :+1:

Thanks for the welcome! And for the tonic water tip. I drink far too much tonic water already - mainly with gin in it, of course…

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Hi Richard,

Welcome good to hear you have taken up the challenge and glad your excited about your journey :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amanda!

Hi Richard, a warm welcome form a fellow oldie also named Rich…
You found the right place here. Enjoy and keep those fingers moving… :+1:

Thanks, Rich! The road ahead feels infinitely long, but it also feels ‘right’. Very happy to have started.

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Hi Richard,
two months in and you are already anticipating your next new guitar purchase … that is GAS my friend haha.
(Guitar / Gear Acquisition Syndrome).
You’ve certainly come to the right place and we have a friendly, supportive ethos around here so if you need anything just look around or ask and there’ll be people on hand to help out.
If you’re an old newbie you may want to meet with some other ‘mature’ folk here: Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?

Thanks, Richard. I shall head over to the old dogs forum right now!

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