Hi Gary here from Australia

I completely understand. I told my son a couple of days ago that my mind still acts like I’m 25 but the bones say I’m 60.

Hi I really like the LT50. The range of tones is wide, the controls easy to use and it plays way louder than I’m ever likely to need. I wanted to buy something a little better than a basic practice amp, something that would keep me happy for a few years, and I think it will easily do that. Having the ability to mimic a range of amps, each with their distinctive sound is great. I imagine it would not be as good as having a particular amp, but since I don’t know how well it mimics each amp , that does not matter. It gives me an idea of how a particular amp or effect sounds. One thing that is not clear from on line specs, is that you can use the MGT-4 footswitch with it. I don’t yet have one, but will get one in future.

Hope this helps - if you have any particular query about the amp, let me know.

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Thank-you for the quick reply, Gary. That is good information to have as I go to the music store, perhaps even this afternoon, to compare the LT50 and the GTX50.

Do not take @batwoman with you there, Robert. You otherwise end up accidentally buying another guitar. :slight_smile: Sorry for hijacking your thread, @garymck, but I had to do this. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community and great to hear your story about the optimization of your Squire. The great thing about starting later in life with guitar is, you already have so much more skillsets you can use to overcome certain struggles.


… and at least one capo :grin: :bat:

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Hi Gary and welcome to the community.

You’ve already made progress and you’ve already learned to make adjustments to your own guitar. Impressive stuff.
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