Hi guys!

Have been playing for a year. Came here because I bought the Katana 100 yesterday and learning the machine.

So why not say hi.



Welcome to the forum Niels

Hi Niels,
Enjoy your Katana and guitar learning.
Best wishes,

Welcome, that’s a great little amp!


I actually have 2. The Yamaha Thr for in the living room , because it looks beautiful enough so my wife is not bothered by it. And the boss katana 100 mk2 which I have in my own room. Plugged in the laptop it’s great fun to play with all the effects based on the song being played.

Both can be played loud and quietly and still sound good.

Sure it’s not a tube amp both those can’t really be played any louder than 2 maybe 3 on the master. Once I isolate my room I might get a blues junior or a vox ac15 or something. When it comes to sound where a tube amp is 100% on beautifulness, to me the solid state practice amps I have is around 70-80%.

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Hi Niels,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

I hear you! I have a Mesa which is awesome but don’t use it much as I need to be on my own in the house. I generally use the Quad Cortex which sounds good at any volume.

Perhaps a second guitar would be handy haha but after the second comes 3… 4…5…

Hi! Yes…why not?! Welcome! :blush:

Welcome Niels or Nizzle.

You could be the first person who arrived here because they bought an amp, I’m glad to see you also have a guitar :rofl: Hope you have been following Justin’s lessons in that first year, certainly a great place to start. And lots of folk to help you if you need advice, both on playing and the Kat 100.

Enjoy the ride.


Haha I have a live teacher. Never really got much into Justin. Online works fine for most but I need to have my interaction live :slight_smile:

Interesting observation, what brought you here to a Community of mainly Justin’s students and a forum primarily set up to provide answers relating to his courses. Just curious ?

I was looking for katana 100 patches and got to his tutorial on that. Besides my teacher I don’t have any people around me on this guitar journey so decided to join :slight_smile:

If you’ve only checked out randon Justin videos on YouTube maybe worth checking out his lessons/grade system on the website (even though you have a teacher) may find some really beneficial info.


I am also considering during holiday to get one of Paul David’s courses. I really enjoy his YouTube stuff.

Hello Neils and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a K100 myself and I love it. Have fun.

Welcome to the community. I also recommend looking through the graded lessons in the Justin Guitar website. You might find a few things that are useful to supplement your live lessons. Also take a look at the song lesson section that you can filter by grade, style or artist. There is years of great guitar instruction in those 600+ song lesson videos.