Hi, Helen (28,F,UK) here :)

Hi, Helen (28,F,UK) here :slight_smile:

I started learning guitar on this site around 5yrs ago now? I think I got through the beginners section back then but could never ear train!

Though I’ve picked it back up occasionally since then, It’s been a while since I practised properly everyday. I’m looking to get back into playing this year.

Listen to / love all kinds of music too much to name.

-Big Baby Taylor
(Very lucky but not actually good enough to play it properly)
-Ibanez Gax 30
(Love the cherry red varnish on it and much more at my level)

Dream guitars:
Gretsch Streamliner crimson sunburst (Realistic)
Les Paul Special TV yellow
(In my dreams!!)

Looking forward to learning to use the forum, meeting everyone and hopefully keeping myself motivated.x


Welcome to the Community, Helen.

I’ve also not yet dived deeply into ear-training. Don’t let that worry you too much.

You can play songs, improv over BTs, well enough to have fun and making music without being able to play songs by ear.

Hope to hear you playing soon. Love the dream guitars, all in good time.

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Hi Helen, warm welcome!

This Community will definitely keep you motivated, especially if you stop by the #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing and #community-hub:learning-logs categories. Maybe with time you’ll feel comfortable making a submission or two yourself!

See you around. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Helen, welcome to the community - hope you enjoy the encouragement that you’re going to get when you post your first performance on here! It’s the best way to follow your progress, you will get constructive feedback and a lot of encouragement from everyone!
Have fun and enjoy your learning path!

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Hello Helen and welcome. :slight_smile:

They are some tasty looking guitars in your list. You never know, maybe one day.

I’m sure the community will keep you inspired. Enjoy the journey.

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Hi Helen and welcome to the Community.

Good to see you restarting again. I am sure lots will come flooding back, Just work you back through the Grades until you find you level. Justin’s added a lot of new material, so the early lesson will be worth a visit.

You have a couple of nice guitars there. I added a Gretsch Streamliner to my stable this Christmas and it plays beautifully. :smiley:




Hi Helen nice to have you here! We all have dream guitars in our arsenal and you know what they say - some dreams can come true! :wink:

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Hi Helen and welcome to the community! Ear training not essential…playing songs is :grinning:


Hello, Helen! Welcome back. Your Big Baby Taylor will undoubtedly keep you company as you travel up through the Beginners lessons and play, play, play.

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Hello Helen!
Welcome to the community.
It’s great to not only hear about your learning goals but your dream guitars as well. Lovely! From personal experience I must say: every guitar I‘ve ever played/owned was capable of more then I possibly ever be be. It’s ok to own gear you love and use even if it’s far more professional then you are. If it feels right, it is right!

Would love to hear shared recordings or a learning log later when you feel comfortable (I am struggling a bit myself with sharing but I am sure it is a great thing). These people here are all very supportive and positive. It’s a nice corner of the internet. Glad you are here.

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Hi Helen! Welcome to the Community, it’s a great place. You probably already noticed that Justin has been working really hard with lesson updates, so if you aren’t already doing it you might want to start over from the beginning, especially if you have not been playing so much lately. “Nitsuj” is also very worthwhile - certainly helps me feel better about my struggles as a beginner.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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Welcome to the Community Helen! Your Taylor will be a great companion as you get back into playing again.

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Welcome Helen,

Being a relative beginner is a perfect reason to have a good guitar and you are ALWAYS good enough for it Helen. :grinning:

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Welcome to this great community Helen. :slight_smile:

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