Hi, I’m Okku, 59 years old from Finland

Two good things have come out of this pandemic. I quit smoking after 44 years and I started playing guitar. When I was 13-14 years old, I tried to play guitar, because all of my friends played something, but I never learned anything.
I watched Justin’s lessons for few months and then walked to a music store and bought a used, but quality guitar in mint condition and started my career as a musician. After a year of practicing, I still remember how my fingers hurt, but I never imagined that playing guitar is so fun.
I play 1-3 hours most of the days, but my problem now is that playing songs with the app is too fun and I should get back to doing the lessons. I think I sound pretty awesome, but maybe I should do a reality check and record my own playing.
My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier to be able to play in a band, but hey, I can become a pretty decent camp fire player if and when I keep practicing. I have promised myself to make a video of my playing for this community, but I haven’t had courage to do it yet.
Cheers to all the nice guitar players who help and encourage each other.


There is a Beginner’s Safe Space area for new players to post their first videos. Maybe that would be a good place to start.


Ilkka Hi and Welcome

Had to smile at this, how many of us have said that !!

But hey !! you’ve started so now looking back. If you are having fun playing songs that’s great its consolidating what you have learnt but make sure you continue your development. Also the app will only take you so far, so there will come a time when you will need to learn songs indepenantly or play along with the originals. Also it would be great if you are ready to record yourself, you can assess your own playing and as Victor said share here.

The general area for posting your recordings is here but the Beginner space is also a good way to ease into things.


Good to see you here.



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Okku, hello there and welcome! Congratulations on kicking the habit. I know how hard it is. Best wishes on your new habit and journey with the guitar!

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Okku, your story is similar to mine. Playing guitar has now become a lifestyle and I’ve had many wonderful sessions around campfires and made many new friends along the way. Welcome to the community, look forward to hearing more from you.

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OMG You’re from Finland! I love your country it’s soooo beautiful!!! Welcome! I always get saddened when I hear people refer to a regret of not picking up the guitar sooner. Guitar is meant to be enjoyable for anyone at any age. And I’m so proud of you for quitting smoking!
Look forward to your work!

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Welcome Okku! If you’ve already been using or watching Justin’s lessons then you already understand that he is a fantastic instructor with the best lesson structure around, but jumping into the Community will help you jump to the next level - or at least I believe so. The advice, encouragement, supportive feedback, and inspiration from everyone here is invaluable. Enjoy the journey!

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Hello Ilkka and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Hello Okku,
There are others around 59 years young that have just started with drums and bass too. Ask around and you may have a jam band in the making!!!
Do it! It’s worth it. :slight_smile:
You’ll also start to realize there can be 30-40 year differences in folks playing in the same band. No worries!!


Welcome to the Community, Ilkka, stay with the program and you never know what will happen. Look forward to hearing you play when you are ready.

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