Hi John from the East Midlands UK

Hi all, thanks for the site; I got my first guitar about 4 weeks ago for my 60th birthday, … I’m really enjoying Justin’s tutoring videos, great teacher. I wish I had started this about 40years ago :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry John. Welcome to the fold and take a look here.
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Excellent stuff John. I dreamed my whole life of playing guitar, started seriously 10 years ago at the age of 53 and have never looked back. It’s a lot of fun and eventually worth every sore finger and frustration.

Hi John have fun with it I started just before Christmas and have found that once the sore fingers have gone things started to move on and the songs are starting to sound like a song now. I’m trying to play every beat now but at a slow tempo knowing that this time around I’m really enjoying learning

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Howdy John. You’re in good company here with a whole lot of others who are on the backside of 50 and just starting on our guitar adventures. What kind of guitar did you get? Electric or acoustic? I think a lot of us wish we had started 40 years ago, but here we are, proving it is not too late!

Glad to meet you. I’ve thought “I wish I’d started younger,” but then I look back at how busy my life was with career(s), family, school, and realize I’d have probably not stuck with it. Now I can relax and enjoy it, and I’ve stuck with it for over five years now.

Welcome to the Community, John. You are here now and can look forward to all the joy of learning to play.

Hi John and welcome.

Most important thing is you have now started. Even the youngsters wish the started earlier but age is not a barrier, its a mindset thing ! With the right attitude you’ll be fine.



Hello John and welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank you All for the very warm welcome, I really appreciate your kind words of support.

Isn’t it great every time you have a minor success like switching from one chord to another :smile:

Best to All


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