Hi, Mike from Kent, England

Hello all, I first attempted learning guitar back in the late seventies as a teenager, quickly gave up when I found it too difficult to keep to a regular routine, fast forward to now, I have happily retired, have way more time on my hands and have set a goal to learn properly. After spending a lot of time drifting through many lessons and courses on YouTube where you’re told that in a few weeks you’ll be a guitar god! I’ve settled on Justinguitar and I’m enjoying Justin’s lessons and his engaging style, just what I was looking for. I’ve progressed to beginner module 10 in a couple of months learning the right way and now I’m learning some songs through the app that even my wife can recognise some of what I’m playing. I’m alternating with electric and acoustic which helps. It’s great to have the opportunity to share stories with the people on this forum, cheers, Mike :guitar:


Hi Mike and welcome to the community! Sounds like you are progressing well and as you’ve learned it takes time! but it sounds like you are getting there and those songs will soon sound like they are supposed to.

Hi Mike and a very warm welcome to the community.
Learning with Justin and following the structured learning path has helped countless people to learn and progress as far as they have had a mind for.
Good luck and ask around for anything you need help with.

Welcome to the Community, Mike. Follow the path diligently as you are doing and you will become a guitar player. Look forward to sharing the adventure and hearing you play in due course (you can post recordings here: #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing)

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Hi Mike. Welcome to the community. I have a similar guitar history as yours and I’m one of the “countless people” that have benefited from Justin’s teaching. I wasn’t a true beginner and was able to move through some of the early modules quickly, but I worked through each one. In the process I picked up some good foundational technique that I didn’t know or wasn’t good it. Like you I’m retired and have the luxury of time to spend in structured learning, practicing, playing songs, and exploring whatever I want.

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Hi Mike welcome to the JG Community.
Have a look here and you’ll find there are loads us in the same position as you.
Older guitar students / Can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Hello and welcome from Cornwall Mike ,
Great the hear your story !

Hiya Mike and welcome :wave:

Hey Mike, that’s awesome. Glad to hear you are getting traction with your playing. Upwards and onwards

Welcome Mike, you’ve got a winning mindset and the time to make music. What a good combo. If you share your recordings with us I’m sure your fan base will grow. :smiley:

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Welcome Mike. I can totally relate to your “become a guitar god in a week” experience, hehe. Justin’s courses are really well structured and it has helped me progress well. I am not on module 10 though, still learning the F chord on module 9 :sweat_smile:. I am looking forward to your journey. :guitar:

Hello and welcome to the community Mike. :slight_smile:

It’s great when people actually recognise a tune that you are playing. It’s even sweeter when they start singing along.

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Thanks all for the very warm welcome, I’ll likely be heading over to the “older guitar students” section as suggested by @sairfingers Gordon, this looks like a great, friendly community with much to learn. Cheers, Mike :guitar: