Higher Love Cover

Hello! Figured I would do another song! I love this song and been meaning to do it. I know theres a couple mistakes here and there and i do read while playing lol. I know I know i need to get out of doing that haha. Anyways i kinda did it in my own way, hope you guys enjoy it! ♪♫ Higher Love Cover (:Acoustic:) - YouTube

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I always enjoy your covers, Bytron.

Well, I guess that depends.

If you are happy with learning a large repertoire of songs, adding the lead, sharing and moving on then don’t sweat it. And many of the folk at the OM I play it, and I mean people way above my play-grade, still have lyrics in front of them though don’t read every line. So even an OM could be done with lyric sheets.

But if you want to lift your game to a higher level then one way of doing that could be to focus on focusing on fewer songs, selecting your favourites, and then learning the lyrics, playing with the original to fine-tune timing etc.

I can say that I’d heard the suggestion to put the effort in to play and sing from memory from around year 2/3. But I wasn’t ready. And to my surprise, when I felt ready, a year or so later I have found myself able to learn and remember songs, play them without too much stress. It takes me some time but I think I am a better performer for it.

So no pressure, figure out what you want to achieve, what is your next, and when you are ready and want it then I guess you’ll happily put in the time to achieve it. Cause you got the playing and singing ability.

Thanks David! Yeah your right! I mean I know some songs by heart and dont have to read the lyrics, it just takes me longer to study and get the songs i like etched into my head… So i just read some of them because its just faster that way. My memory is bad as it is lol. Not that i can do it… I guess i can just be lazy about it to lol. I just have not gotten really super serious about my music honestly. If i did i would be performing at places but i just like sitting in my bedroom and playing haha.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I found it near ‘impossible’. And no I find I am getting better as I go. I am a great believer in neuroplasticity … a fancy word that just means we have the capacity to learn new things … and it seems to me that the more I am deliberate about the learning of songs, the more I seem able to memorise the lyrics. Seems esoteric but seems the way it is.

Hey, nothing wrong with that. If it makes you happy and it’s what you want to do all power to you. Keep learning songs, recordings, sharing. I’ll keep enjoying watching you play … and putting it the back of my mind that one day I want to play those muted strumming rhythms and blend the picking and strumming just like Bytron does.

Sounded good to me Byron. I always enjoy your playing. You’ve got a huge repertoire now.

That was great Byron, as always, pretty flawless rendition for someone reading the lyrics. Imagine the heights you’d get once you really breath that song…your guitar playing is awesome.

I like the way you put together a performance of a song so quickly. Including having a lead part. I also go along with the idea of not concerning myself too much with memorising the lyrics. That’ll happen when it happens. Good work.

Great job with the chord changes and strumming! :smiley: I have enjoyed your covers.

Thanks guys!!! :slight_smile: Glad you guys enjoy my stuff that I do :smiley:

I have to agree, i think we are always learning new things even if we dont know it. Haha thanks man, you make me blush haha. Really appreciate it!! You will get there, just try to play everyday. Im bad about taking like 3 month long breaks before i get back into it, you should know that lol. Keep on keepin on!

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Yeah i know right, thats what i should really do is sit down and learn a song in and out and then play the song in top notch. I just dont have the patience though lol.

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Ah! You gotta develop the patience… your playing is awesome and singing too, all you need is to take it up a notch. Once you know the songs (practice with the original, then karaoke) … your performance will be even better because of the emotions, since you play so well. That’s what is missing in my performances… I know the songs, I know how to sing them, but I can’t get it out there as I’m concentrating (and sweating bullets) on the playing and the chords.

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Yeah that is soooo true!!

Thanks Willsie01!! Thanks lol. Yeah I like recording songs and then moving on to the next one haha.