Holding Guitar and Strumming

I have an acoustic guitar and rest my arm on the top of the guitar as suggested in the videos. When I start it seems fine, but as keep it there and do strumming, it feels like it is pressing on a nerve on the arm close to the armpit, giving a light numbing feeling. I have tried to change the position slightly, but it always seems to get pressed to some degree with this position. Anyone else had this problem or possible solutions?

Hello and welcome, what guitar size are you playing? Sometimes happening to me and all comes down to my sitting posture and how I rest my arm against the body of my guitar, it is all pretty individual but try playing around with your hand position while sitting straight on an armless chair or a stool. Don’t put leg on leg, ideally use a footrest or even a book for leg which you put your guitar on, if you put your leg on leg it lifts guitar bit too high and can cause numbness. If you play dreadnought it might be the case guitar is too big but don’t think so. Let us know if any of above helped!

Hi, thanks for the tips. It is a dreadnought, fender cd-60s. I don’t sit leg on leg, but I may try to adjust my chair height to see if that makes a difference.

Hello NC,
One short video is worth more than 1000 words…although Adrian did say good things.
Greetings ,Rogier

Hi NC,

I’ve got the same model and while my strumming arm gets numb after playing about 30-40 minutes without resting much, I’ve never felt anything close to my armpit. My elbow tends to be close to the top binding of the guitar. Could it be that you lean over too much while playing or you are straining your shoulders?

When playing, try to keep your arms and shoulders as relaxed as you can and adjust the angle of the neck so that it feels comfortable (i.e. it’s not necessary to have it completely horizontal).

Thanks all for the help, I raised my chair a little bit this morning so the guitar sits slightly lower now and didn’t have a problem practicing this morning for about 45min.

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I have a crap shoulder - arthritis, frozen - and rotator cuff problems, too. My Fender dreadnought was (yuk, yuk) dreadful. No matter what I did I couldn’t play longer than 45 minutes because of the pain. I went way down in size to a Taylor travel size guitar (GS Mini) and my shoulder is fine and the sound from that little thing is great. Good luck.