Holding guitar (classical style)

Hi Community!!

:tada: Guitar arrived :tada:

I’ve been working through the modules. On grade :one: module :three: currently.

I’m playing an acoustic guitar (Yamaha FS800) and I find myself holding it ‘classical’ style. I’ve tried holding it the way Justin recommends where it sits on the right leg (right handed guitar) but it just doesn’t feel comfortable. Is there actually anything wrong with holding it classical style, on left leg and at more of an angle upward?

Basically trying to ask should I be forcing myself to play, hold the guitar, the ‘traditional’ way before the classical holding style becomes too ingrained?

Thoughts? Feedback? Any appreciated.

Kind regards,
Dave :guitar:

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Hi David! Nice to meet you.

You could definitely try to hold it in “classical” way. It ultimately depends on comfort and personally choice on how to hold a guitar. Just look at how Slash hold his guitar :dab:

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Hi David,

Where ? I can’t see anything at all? Without photos, most people wouldn’t believe it existed :wink:

Have fun with it and we I’m sure we’ll get to see the guitar soon… Right? :grin:

@roger_holland Here she is!

Fingers are really feeling it, needs a setup still. I asked the shop to restring it before sending and give it a setup (which I offered to pay for but they said ‘no worries’). It arrived sealed in the box (never opened) and the strings packaged separately. So they did neither the restring or the setup :frowning:

Setup or not it has seen plenty of action (in 20minute intervals as it’s about all my fingers can take currently) and I :heart: my :guitar: :smiley:

I did take the advice given to me in another thread and let it sit for 24 hours before really getting into it. I have found that I was able to move through module 1 - 3 in basically a day or two for each. Module 4 is going to take a bit longer I think because of Dm and strumming. Still, it’s not a race…

I think I’ll keep holding it in the classical style then as I find that much more comfortable to hold in general and it’s a lot easier on the fretting hand too (well, it feels easier anyway).

Keep on strumming!


I am an advocate for the classical style, both for my classical and steel string.

How you hold the dang thing when you play is very individual, there is no correct way per de, although avoiding postural stress and poor joint position (wrist, shoulder, etc.) is important.

For me, personally, I find my version of the classical position works for my wrist and shoulder best.

There are a lot of variations in the classical position, however. On the DelCamp classic forum there are frequent discussions regarding it and variations. Like non-classical positions, there is no right or wrong. Just what works for you and doesn’t promote injury short or long term.

My thought, since you are at the very beginning, it’s to try and consider prober postural economics and keep an open mind. You may go through many iterations of your guitar holding positions over the next couple of years.

It is a little like the guitar itself. You buy a guitar, because you have to start somewhere. Then you want more different guitars, but you really won’t know what you really want and need in a guitar until you have way more experience.


Classical sitting position has advantages and disadvantages…and so do the other sitting positions.

I did a bunch of posts on the various positions and the trade offs, starting here Sitting position, slight difference that makes a difference? - #21 by Tbushell

Lots of other good advice in that topic as well.

I started with “classical with strap” position, because I found that made the guitar very stable, and gave me the most relaxed and visible position for my fretting hand.

When I started thumb muting, and didn’t need to look at my hands all the time, I switched to “casual with strap”…which was a big change! But I still go back to classical position when I’m learning a difficult chord.

My suggestion would be to experiment with the various positions…one will probably jump out at you as most comfortable. Stick with that for a while until you learn the basics. You can always revisit later on when you are more experienced.

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Nothing wrong, really. I hold my acoustic the same way I hold my classical. What is important is that you feel comfortable without tension in your body.

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@DarkWillowTM @roger_holland @Jamolay @Tbushell @SILVIA
Thanks for the tips!

I think I’ll be sticking with classical style for now at least and I’ll give that post on sitting positions a read also. Moving forward we’ll see where it all ends up but for now classical is the most comfortable for my posture and hand comfort while playing, so it’s a clear winner :slight_smile: at the moment.

Again, thank you all for the feedback :100:

Kind regards,

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