Hollow's battle with the Void a.k.a. Learning Log

What’s up.
Honestly, I have no idea what should I upload here so any ideas would be well welcome.
In the mean time I guess I’ll upload some messing around on a guitar lol.

Here’s what I work with:

Any ideas how to upload videos, not using YouTube?

Uploaded some basic stuff, hope I wont bore anyone to death of someone watches this.

Some basic chord changes

E Scale

C scale

Come as you are riff

7Nation army riff

Iggy Pop the passenger



You have freedom to use this topic as you see fit to record your learning and experiences. Many people record goals and progress here.

If not using a platform like YouTube you can also upload videos to online drives, like Google Drive or DropBox, and share links to the files. You just have to take care to set access permissions up so that people with a link can view.

From an Etiquette (see Community Etiquette and Rules) perspective we keep language clean, so please desist from profanity, even abbreviated.

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'Cept of course if it’s artistically necessary in a song :rofl:

Nice burst of sun on that guitar.
What are you playing/practicing at the moment.
There is no right or wrong on these logs. Most people don’t have one but they can be useful as a reminder of where we were some time ago and many folk are just interested following others’ experiences :grinning:


The other thing to know is that the first post in your LL is indefinitely editable, unlike subsequent posts. So you could use your first post to, for example, link to any songs you post on the site. This is useful as you’ll end up with a record of your guitar learning progress.

just record it on your iphone, save to your photos and add here as an attachment

No, that won’t work.
It’s like David says above:

Best to link to the external source as links within the community can go astray after some housekeeping.

Very pretty guitar.

As to LL content, I post my progress, sometimes a couple times a week, or not for a week or longer, depends on whether I feel I need to say something like, OOO I can play the F chord! Or gosh darn, (I think that swear word phrase is ok?) I simply can’t get the chord changes between F and Am fast enough, etc. I also will post my lesson plan for that particular module if, for instance, I changed it significantly from what Justin suggests in his video lessons.

Most recently I posted a video, via You Tube of my atrocious attempt at a song at 50% speed of House of the rising Sun, so that 3, 5, 6 months from now I can look back at it and see whether I have finally gotten any better at it. At some point I will post another video to compare.

I suggest reading a few learning logs written by other community members, many are similar, many are vastly different. Here’s a link to mine, no need to read the whole thing, they do get long after a few months. By the way, the title of yours is much more interesting than mine!

Well, suit yourself. I prefer linking to the Community site post. That way you can reread the comments/suggestions/opinions that others make.

17.10.2023 some pretty basic stuff uploaded at #1 post.

Nice start there Robert, the LL’s are useful to help you keep a tab of where you’ve come from, we all too easily dismiss our progress and whilst it’s great for the Community to see what you’re up to, they are really for you more than anyone else.

Having said that I’ve not updated mine in a good number of months now which is not a great example, it’s been on my “to-do” for a while!

Lovely guitar btw!! :slight_smile:

Hi Robert. You need to review the settings on your phone camera. The first photo of your guitar shows a right handed instrument. Your videos are showing you as a ‘lefty’.

Yeah sorry, it’s because I took the guitar photo with the back camera, and recorded myself with front cam. Sry if it causes confusion.

Robert, have a look at your phone camera settings. You should find one labelled ‘flip’ or ‘mirror’ that will take care of that.