Honey I Miss You

Always loved this song. A bit tough to get thru without choking up.

If you choose to listen to this recording, I ask that you stick around to the near end, about 3:20 into the song cuz there is a key change that (IMO) was a masterful Idea when the song was first composed. It makes for great climax/ending. (Or at least it did for Bobby Goldsboro).

Still just Soundcloud, still haven’t explored youtube. I’ll get there eventually.

As always feedback much appreciated.


Hi, Mike. Well, you sure picked an emotional song to cover. Sounded pretty good to me, and seemed like you settled into it more about mid way. There’s a softness to the original that I don’t hear coming through on your cover, although towards the end you started getting into it more I think. Without giving advice, a tad of reverb and or delay can help take the edge off a bit. BG has a voice like butter anyhow, so kudos to you for taking this one on. Overall a good job.

Thanks Dave, Yeah Bobby Goldsboro has a voice I’d certainly never be able to emulate. Much appreciate the input, I’ll take a close listen again and see if I can as you say “soften” it a bit. I may have gone to far in the opposite direction (hardening it) in an effort to not make it too corny, or too much like I was trying to copy BG. Might have taken it too far.

edit: Wow, I use Audacity to record. After reading your recommendations I began to wonder if there was a “reverb” option (which is probably what you meant, I wasn’t sure). Sure enough there is. Now I sound like Elvis Presley (kidding of course, I’m stuck with just looking like him). Your reply opened me up to something new. Thanks again. I feel like a kid with a new toy.

Added the default reverb - is this cheating? :wink:

Great stuff Mike, this is your best recording to date. It really comes though that the song means something to you. The key change is great and does give the song a little something extra. Well done.

Thanks Stefan, much appreciated. Yes, the song has been one I’ve enjoyed for many many years.

Hi Mike. Wow, haven’t heard that song in a very long time.
It’s an emotional song and I think you could improve on it with a different strumming pattern. Listen to the original. It’s got a soft flowing pattern. I felt yours was a bit harsh and repetitive almost as if you were stabbing at the strings. Try to slow it down a bit and use a more gentle sympathetic action. I think that will improve things.

Well done posting and reminding me of an old song.
What next?

It was a hot afternoon
The last day of June
And the sun was a demon
The clouds were afraid…………:smiley:

Completely forgot about that one.

Thanks for suggestions, always appreciated.

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