How can i send my song to a record label?

Mate, I hear you. I come home from work and hardly have any energy to pick up the guitar let alone get out and perform:-) Being a solo artist probably doesn’t help either, at least in a band you have 3 or 4 other people who can drag each other off the couch.

But yeah, for all the talk of going viral and self-publishing, the old-fashioned way of getting out into your local scene and playing is still probably the way to go. Even if you can only manage it once a week. Open mics are okay, but gigs are probably better. Another thing you can do is find out which venues host original artists and send them a few of your songs. Let them know you are available if a support slot becomes free.

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When Axl Rose made it… pretty much everyone can make it :rofl:

Go for it… have no idea how… but start gigging localy and let it fly from there!

Now you got 162 subscribers on your channel :grin:

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