How can you become more musical

I do not have the answers on this topic at all. But i find it interresting that when i look at youbtube videos of «worlds fastest» «worlds best» and so on and so on… i find much of it very boring… they can play the most intricate guitar solos in the most extreme speed ever… but it is still boring… there are many on this forum, much «less» of a guitar shredder/player than all those on you tube, that is able to play and «communicate» music much better, even if they are miles away with the guitar technic.
So to me music do not have to be «perfect» to be enjoyed, there are a lot more layers to it as i see it.

And as mention in several posts above… stop comparing yourself to others. You are the one that plays your music, no other. I would had to stop playing instantly if i compared myself against all the great musicians out there that i never ever could «compete» with in a lifetime :grin:


When reading a book do you go for one with the most small words and pages, or do you go for the one with a story?

When listening to someone talk is it the one who cantalkfastwithoutbreaksbutdoesntsayanythingimportant or the person who can shift worlds with a handful of well chosen words?

Theres a certain inherent bonus to having great and fast technique for when you need it, rather than being restricted by your technique, everything has a place but imo the quality music isnt measured solely in notes per second


No wrath invoked, Dave :grin: Supplementing Justin’s teaching with additional material is in keeping with the Community spirit. Justin will teach you the theory of modes but OK to get more on their musical use. What we don’t like is the marketing of other online teachers, that may conflict/compete with Justin.


Fascinating topic. For me personally, I first had/have to learn to play, clean chords, smooth changes, all in solid time, laying the foundation, and then came the far more challenging aspect of developing musical feel, playing with emotion.

I think the key word is supplementary to Justin’s lessons. Justin has a list of the online teachers he knows and respects for guitar teaching on his website.

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Thanks James. I don’t recall seeing that before. Would you mind sharing a link to the page.

Hi David, link below


Yeah, I tend to use Marty or Paul if there’s something Justin hasn’t done, both are pretty decent!


Thanks James. Not explored the Playground area fully!