How do I combine guitar tracks and vocal in OBS?

@CD02 Some good advice from @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @DavidP already.

I’d only add that this stuff is complicated. I’m pretty tech minded and it took a while to get my head around. I’d suggest starting simple - just audio into DAW and playing around recordings.

While I’ve experimented with a lot, what I mostly do for recordings these days is record video & audio in one take, but separately - video with camera, audio with DAW - then stick them together in a video editor (da vinci resolve). But having said that, I recorded my last video in OBS… still experimenting.

Oh, also. For all its popularity I found Reaper hard to get started with. Ableton came with my Focusrite and was easier. I’ve recorded a few things in Reaper but I’m probably going back to Ableton.


Thanks Great feedback @TheMadman_tobyjenner @jkahn @DavidP .

Yes Toby, that does help, the more info I have the better :face_with_monocle:. I never thought of using Reaper to put the video/audio together and had tried it with OBS and also Movie Maker.

Thanks David, and yes it makes sense.

This is interesting David and good to know, may look into this in the future

And this is what I’ looking for in general, an easy way to put together audio/video without too much juggling between multiple applications. I don’t mind the juggling for trying out things and getting better results but its really about the gtr and vox and sometimes you just want to get it done with minimum fuss on the software side. :grin:

I’m with you JK, I have a technical background so this sort of stuff keeps my mind ticking over but the software side of things can get really heavy and tricky.

I’ll have a look at some things like DaVinci out of interest it might be something for later on.

Interesting JK, I used Audacity for a while and found it very straight forward but I could see that there may be limitations. Now I’m trying Reaper and so far I like the layout and find the basics so far quite good, just things like recording mutiple racks, adding Fx, and the joining up with OBS. I must say that Kenny Gioia videos are brilliant when you need some tuition on how and why to apply Fx.
I looked a Ableton and have not yet given it a go but I did look at the layout and didn’t find it as easy looking (if that makes sense) as Reaper. I might give Ableton a spin just for s@*^s and giggles. (like I need more to work out :scream: :joy:)

I’ll be away for Oct but once i return one of our spare bedrooms is being converted into my dedicated music room so that I can have everything setup how I want it and not worry about putting it away everytime I use it. Also means I can practice anytime without disrupting what the missus is doing. Additionally, the acoustics are far better, smaller room, carpeted floor instead of tiled etc etc.

Again, thanks all, for the feedback.


Imho, focus on that, assuming it is a goal for you.
There is a rich vein of gold in this forum; people generously sharing their knowledge and experiences. However, no amount of “production layers” will improve the foundations … I admit to peering into what seems an abyss to me, but I will have to park it for now, be patient, and work on my own foundations.
KISS … and build from the bottom up … :thinking::thought_balloon:
Hope to see you on an OM sometime soon … :slightly_smiling_face:

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