How’s it gonna be? 3eb

Hi everyone:

Hopefully this one will post smoothly. Thanks for your honest feedback.


Hi @SDKissFan I think you have a voice with potential
you need to work on your strumming.
The timing is off and you need to divert too much of your “brain processing power” to that strumming part. That leaves you with little processing part to focus on your vocals.

A core principal you’ll need to get down is to get that strumming arm going up and down in a constant motion with an evenly paced rhythm. The clue is, while you are playing, you will hit the strings and miss them on exact the right moments, creating the space between strums.

When you work on that, you’ll develop a “motor” that runs on auto-pilot, giving you a solid, even rhythm AND it will free up more of that processing power to focus on chaord changes, singing etc…

I recommend the strumming techniques videos!

Hi Jeff,
I was half-expecting you to be wearing Paul Stanley makeup, playing that song we couldn’t access.
Congrats on posting where you’re at.
You look comfortable performing in front of the camera.
Guitar and voice sound good.
Listen to @LievenDV and you’ll be flying :sunglasses:

Well done, keep posting.

Any singing I start to learn I stick with guitar parts I’ve got down automatically, but I wish I had started earlier practicing singing and playing together. You’re on the right path. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the feedback. What is the secret to strumming while singing? I will review those tips for strumming. Some look familiar. I can strum more complex patterns but not while singing.

Make up it is once I get the more classic Kiss songs down lol.

well, the “auto pilot strumming” is the best foundation for singing over strumming.

Thanks for the tips Lieven. I have some work to do. Off topic, are you from Holland?Your name looks Dutch anyways. I love Holland so much. It has been 25 years since I have been there. I still love “Het es Een Nacht” by Guus Meeuwis. I think I could learn that one (I saw him playing an E minor in there), but my Dutch isn’t the best.

I am not a big strummer, but as Lieven said. You need to be consistent with your strumming hand, that can be a challenge for many in the start,it sure was for me. A metronome is your friend in the start to achieve even/consistant strumming.

Hang in there and rock on🤘


Flanders: Dutch speaking part of Belgium ^^

Ok. I lived in Germany for years with the US military…pretty close by. I have been through Belgium too. You have a beautiful country! erg aardig I think you say

A good effort Jeff. Keep at it mate. Doesnt sound like it would be easy song to sing/play together.

Some crucial advice already given re the consistent movement needed while strumming, so won’t repeat.
Once you’ ve got that going, a strong recommendation on Lievens mention of Justins Strumming Techniques 1&2. Absolutely brilliant instruction from the very beginning. Completely transformed my strumming/rhythm over a few months.

All the best, and keep posting.


That’s a really Dutch thing to say…i The Netherlands… but thanks :smiley:

Well I’m late to this party, Jeff, but you sure have burst onto the scene with a triple play of recordings.

Excellent idea to begin recording and sharing early, to get the benefit of feedback which is what is missing when self-studying online.

Look forward to more from you as you progress.

3 in a row Jeff and all nicely done.

Some great advice from the peeps above. Nail that strumming and you’ll find the singing easier as well.

A triple entry to AVoYP Jeff, well done! Looking forward to more from you in the future. Take the advice given on board and you’ll keep improving.

Another decent post. I think you’ve had some great advice on moving your strumming technique from the others. Once that clicks into place I think it’ll support your great voice even more.