How To Hold Your Guitar

I found that too- playing my electric with a strap, while seated, just transferred the problem to a different part of my body! However, playing my electric with a strap, while standing, has been a big help.

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For someone that is right handed, is it bad to rest the weight of the body by resting the right armpit on the top part of the body? Resting the right forearm seems to add tension on my right shoulder

Hi @dantejms, I assume you’re talking about acoustic? You probably shouldn’t be resting your armpit there, it’s going to make it hard to strum. Unless perhaps you’re quite a small person? Forearm is the way, try to find a comfortable spot.

Try sitting on a low-ish chair as well, that might help with positioning.

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Hi @jkahn I’m referring to an electric (strat). I’m about 5’8 not big or small. I’ve noticed though I’m most comfortable when I rest the armpit (without too much weight, lightly resting) on the tallest point of the body and inner bicep in upper front of the body to sort of bring it close to me. But as you and Justin advised I’ll try to work on resting my forearm.

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Good idea. For an electric it’s even more important to use your forearm, as they’re thinner and a lot of electric techniques you’ll learn new the positioning.


Hi Dante,

Try holding it like this:


I would imagine that you have to stoop to rest your armpit against the side of the guitar.

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I just finish this lesson today. Most of it is pretty much common sense.

I think both electric and acoustic guitars should be demo’d here. The electric is thinner and rests against your body in a different way than an acoustic does.

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