How to Hold Your Pick to Strum Better

@Richard_close2u Thanks Richard for reaching back, I’m now getting used to hold a bigger portion of the pick, so that the grip is firmier but still relaxed enough; the edge of the pick on the strings is smaller this way but it’s not going front and back as you say but actually scraping the strings. I need to experiment some more and see if I can get to this motion you’re describing using the tip of the pick.

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While I’m thinking about it I need to come back to holding the pick.

First, I usually find that I’m raking my index finger over the strings which is both uncomfortable when it happens and it affects the ‘ring-out’ of the strings.

Holding it like this:


Second, with the pick in that position, I find it almost impossible to angle it relative to the strings. My wrist won’t cooperate.

To fix both these issues I move the index finger like this:

Third, the pick tends to move and I find myself attempting to readjust it on the fly while maintaining a strum pattern. I’ve used different picks. I’ve played with holding differently. But I’m consistantly trying to get the pick to feel more comfortable and steady in my fingers.

This isn’t a show stopper but I’m open for input.



Hello Daniel, my index finger moves sideway like yours…

I guess we’ll get there one day or the other by “consistently trying”, I like to think so.


Hello Daniel, the only advice I can give you from one beginner to another, is to move your thumb closer to the tip of the pick. Your index finger shouldn’t be closer to the tip then your thumb.


I’ll give that a shot!

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@LamphunLamyai Curling your index finger around is definitely the way to address and find a fix for your problems. I hope it is working out well for you.
I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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