How to PASS Grade 1

This is just one piece of anecdotal data, but it took me 24 weeks, from zero to graduating from Grade 1. I very well could have gotten it done many weeks earlier, but I am not in a hurry.


This is me. Thouroughly enjoying grade 1, but the whole reason I decided to learn on an electric guitar is so I can ROCK :metal: Been watching some power chord videos on YouTube and am having a lot of fun playing around with them and distortion, as well as palm muting and pentatonics. And, I really like when Justin throws a riff into the modules, but I need MORE :rofl: With that being said, I peeked ahead at grade 2 and am super excited to see that he has included this stuff in module 12; that alone is motivation enough to get this grade 1 business mastered. Definitely thankful for all of the stuff Justin has taught me so far and, as it turns out, even open chords sound rockin’ with some overdrive.

Thanks I had no idea and was afraid I was horrible as watching the Nitsuj videos made me feel like he learned left handed in a couple weeks and I needed to do the same…lol

Honestly it helps to have some frame of reference range at least as I am signed up for the app but also got the feeling that I should be progressing at a much faster rate in my mind as there was zero references in terms of how long the “Average” person takes to complete beginner 1

thanks all !!