How to play a melody on guitar

The song I would recommend to play around with as it was something I was practicing at the start of my journey of transcribing the melody (as in vocals line and main riff) is The Man Who Sold the World by Nirvana from their unplugged concert. Try it out you should have lots of fun doing it and main riff is literally very close to where melodic notes are hiding on the fretboard :wink:

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Great tip Adrian! I know that song well. Thanks

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The Man Who Sold the World by Bowie covered by Nirvana in their unplugged concert :laughing:

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Have you ever listened to Lulu’s version? It’s a keyboard riff but it could be played on guitar. The rhythm guitar is good too

I hadn’t, Gordon. I gave it a spin and enjoyed it.

That said, I can’t be sure I’ve listened to Bowie’s either, my Bowie being largely the Ziggy Stardust album and some of the other hits. I’m rectifying that now.

And while confessing, never listened to the Nirvana unplugged cover either, not being into Nirvana (I’ve tried Nevermind so many times and it doesn’t do anything special for me). As for their ‘unplugged’ version, the riff sounded quite ‘electric’ to my ears. But I am probably on shaky ground already without opening the pandora’s box as to what constitutes ‘unplugged’ :laughing:

I am aware David, however Bowie’s version does not do anything special for me :joy:

Coolio, though the comment was as much in jest as wanting to be pedantic :laughing:

Nor me, having just listened to it now, prompted by Gordon’s post of Lulu’s cover.

Of the three I’d pick Lulu’s, based on her vocal and I liked the keyboard interpretation of some of the lines.

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I am glad David stepped in to clarify matters in respect Mr B. Think I listened to the Seattle version once. Lulu on the other hand was a very feisty take but heck you get what it says on the tin. Now I have listened to her version many times but I was smitten after her first TotP appearance mid 60s. I’m an old softie at heart!

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From transcribing a couple of power chords to this…

I don’t understand, why are we transcribing anything other than power chords?
I’ll take let it be and transcribe from there direct to powerchords. Then up the BPM and now its Let It Fkn Be. :metal:

Add loads of palm muting and you’re done :rofl:

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Hi Jk,
I don’t have this lesson above in my head anymore and maybe this was given as an option but didn’t see it quickly… but as an exercise to start with you have to start with something that is absolutely in your brain /ears is burned in at all times… so just start with happy birthday, and then another melody that you can keep “playing” in your head even after playing a wrong note… …I hope this helps you, but start nice and simple,…

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Who needs to transcribe power chords? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Enough gain and it all sounds much the same right? Get the vide and the attitude right and you’re sweet. :crazy_face: