How to start a song- the intro I guess?

I’m working on a song to sing in public but I’m looking for ideas of how to begin. Just the last measure and then start? Is there a lesson on things to try when I’m singing by myself? Not very experienced in fingerstyle (in the club right now). Any ideas welcome. Thank you.

I liked the structured lessons so have floundered a bit at this point so started lessons with an approved teacher.

Hi Ca ,
I got this above from your intro post… that seems like the easiest and best way to ask… In any case, have fun and good luck :sunglasses:
Of course the more ideas the better, so I understand your question ,but face to face beats everything :smiley:
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I suppose the start of the song all depends on the song whether it jumps right in with the vocals or whether there is a short intro before the verse begins.

You can build your own intro or outro fairly easily for just about any song with triads, double stops, melody lines and such. The song “Brown Eyed Girl” comes quickly to mind. Here I built intro and outro with triads:
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan Cover)
I have many more examples on my channel.

My suggestion would be to play along with the chord structure for the song you wish to Persue. Like just the chords. Even for the fancier intro’s and solo parts. Get a good feel for the rhythm and chord structure.


Is an excellent way to structure your songs. Click on resources tab and download pdf.

Singing should be attempted after you sing the song a few times without instrument, being able to keep rhythm and sing can be a big challenge depending on how well you know the song. Both singing and playing. Work on your solo’s , intro riff’s or fill riff’s in a seperate practice session. Preferably just before the song you wish to implement them in.

Hope this helps.

Rock on!

Some good ideas already. Depending on how long the verse is, you could just strum the chords to one verse and then come in with the singing (like in Let It Be). In a 12-bar blues, where the verse is pretty long, the last 4 bars often are played as an intro. You could do that for other kinds of songs, too, taking 4 bars from the verse (probably the last 4 bars would be best).

If you can make the chords more interesting by e.g. playing triads up the neck, so much the better. Paul Simon does this on Me and Julio as does @CT in his version of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

EDIT: I just thought of another good example that uses triads (or similar) up the neck in the intro: Eight Days a Week.

Hi Ca,
What I wondered a little later … when I read approved teachers I always think of Richard or Lieven … which seems like a good choice to ask for advice and try it out on them … …but that’s my little world when I read here approved teacher :blush: , so I ask ‘who is your teacher and are you happy with here/him ?’ and how are you doing now ? are you playing a cover? if yes which one ? it helps if you tell us a little more… if you want to, of course

Without any details of the song, I’d recommend giving a good listen to well known songs of a similar nature and focus on their intros and how they pick up. I’ll loosely use the term “hits” in that respect.
Songs that are out there in the real world would have gone through a production process and likely a project discussion on how the artist or band wants the song to sound. Guess I am saying listen to the pros and borrow their ideas and arrange something that suits the song you are working on and how you want it to sound.


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Hi & thanks for the reply. Jed is my teacher & I’m happy with my progress the last 3 months. I am going on vacation so won’t have a lesson til I get back, otherwise I could ask him :slight_smile: The song I’m thinking of is a hymn I’m doing on my own at church. First time I’m playing/singing by myself so I don’t have anything to go on. The recommendation to look up other videos of the same song is a good idea I hadn’t thought of.

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Thank you for the thoughtful replies; lots to consider here. Since this is my first time playing/singing, (and one of my goals for this year), I probably shouldn’t overthink it and get too fancy. lol
Thank you again to everyones’ suggestions & replies.