How to use skills!

Hey, I’m about to start my guitar journey with Justin Guitar! There’s just this little problem, I don’t know how and when to use skills section🤔
In the main courses you know where to start and has a plan but there’s a lot of information in skills section and I don’t know how and when to start learning them during my courses, I’d appreciate help

Hello @ERK_Cash and welcome to JustinGuitar and this wonderful community.

The Skills section does indeed contain a lot of lessons and information.
The overview of the main courses looks like this:

That is the work of years of learning and practicing and playing.

The simple answer is start at Grade 1 and work diligently through the lessons in order.

Some, but not many, of the skills lessons will be relevant at Grade 1. Most of them will be beyond Grade 1 and / or an unnecessary distraction.

As you begin to make progress, in a few months, maybe take a little look inside the skills sections to see if there is anything useful for you.

Hope that helps.

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Good luck Erfan and enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

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