Hurt Cover - Original Voice

Hey guys so i know ive done this one many times but i kinda change it up a little. This is my regular voice so you guys should like it more! :slight_smile: Hurt Original Voice Cover - YouTube


That was much better Byron. Just singing it from your soul with your own voice and feeling makes it sound so much better.

I agree with Socio… much better this time

Thanks guys! Yeah think i have to agree!

This is my first time hearing you so I have nothing to compare to, but my first take on it is that you have a GREAT voice! Your accuracy is impressive. You have a nice natural raspiness on the high end. I can picture you fronting a 90s indie band… a bit of a Built to Spill thing going on. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for the compliment man! Im glad you enjoyed it! Alot of people say i sound like neil young but i have to detune my guitar usually to do his songs.

Neil Young is a good comparison. Funny Built To Spill did “Cortez The Killer” super extendo version. Embrace that sound. It’s working great for you.

Interesting! Just no listened to cortez, so i sound like them you think? They kinda remind me of oasis a little. Thanks for pointing out built to spill ive never heard of them.

Well, they are the first ones that came to mind as that quintessential 90s indie band at least. :slight_smile: But you could check out Pavement, Chavez, even Nirvana on the extreme end.

I think in general that pitch accuracy withstanding a bit of strain on the high end is fairly common amongst that 90s sound but not the easiest thing to pull off. It stretches me way beyond what my voice can naturally do so I stay away from it.

Hmm interesting! Thanks man! Your comment has upped my esteem lol :slight_smile: Ill check it out!

That version was much better Byron, it allowed you to be you and to really get into the emotion.

That’s the Byron we know and love!

Hi Byron, you’ve put some of your own individuality into that. Nice work.

Dang thanks guys lol :slight_smile:

I missed the first one, but this is excellent!

Thanks Clueless! :slight_smile: