Hurt Cover - Testing a different voice

Hey guys so i just wanted to give this a try lemme know what you guys think, I tried to do it in a deep voice. Dave inspired me the way he played it so yeah! Hurt Differnt Voice Cover - YouTube


Sounds good to me.

Thank you mam! I just wanted to try something different lol.

Have you heard Johnny Cash sing it? It might help you if you like a deeper tone. I like it. Keep at it! I feel like your microphone should be nearer to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes! But theres no way I could imitate that lol. When i first heard this song i cried like a baby, just because it rings true for me in my life. Maybe i need not strum the chords so hard so you guys can here my voice better. Thanks suzieq! :slight_smile: Love that song btw lol.

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Yeah Cash is deep! It’s brave of you to post your singing at all. (I sound terrible to my own ears so I’m a complete wimp!) You at least seem to have a decent voice to make use of. :smile:

Lol thanks suzie! Ive always have hated my voice but i enjoy singing and recording. I remember my first time recording a song and being so nervous about it lol. Now its just second nature.

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That’s great though to acclimate yourself and give yourself room to improve. :smiley: I hear what I think my voice is when I’m singing but then I press record and it’s completely different!!! I don’t even know how that is possible. :laughing:Is that what they mean by tone deaf?

I’m gonna be honest and frank.

I feel like you are forcing something, slacking your jaw,
as if oyu are keeping your jaw down but pulling your chin up a little

This isn’t you and I miss all authenticity.
It almost feels like a joke this way.

Be you, sing it like you are
from your heart, not trying to be somebody or something else.

This exact song and that reason kept me from recording it.
I want to honor it as me but I have a low and a higher register where this works and I just can’t decide.


Lol its ok! Yeah I just figured i would try it a little different. I kinda like it though. But yeah I understand where your coming from lol. It was fun one none the less! The reason why i did it this way is because i hate my original voice on this song, it just doesnt fit it really.

@Bytron08 I don’t know what other versions of “ Hurt” there are out there other than NIN but maybe singing it the way Trent Reznor does would be more natural for you? Just a thought.

I could try that but i dont like how he does it either really. Really the only version I like the most is johnnys

@ I understand. Have you seen “Walk the Line” ? What’s your favorite Cash song?

My fav cash song is def hurt. But I like Folsom prison also

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Hi. Byron. I too am going to be frank. I felt that was forced and artificial. I much prefer your normal voice. Stick to being you. You post some great stuff on AVoYP so there’s no need to try to sound like someone you’re not.

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Thanks sairs I appreciate the comment!! :slight_smile:

So true. You have the ability to make songs your own, take them and make them a Byron version with your spin on it. Just like everyone else, sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t, only one way to find out.

Thanks socio!! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean susie you mean when you sing and record it sounds different.

@Bytron08 I mean my recorded voice sounds different to me than what I hear while I’m singing. Sorry if I confused you.