I Love the Blues (and Rock 'n roll), featuring Shane

David and @sclay. That was terrific. Marvellous blues chops from Shane and an excellent vocal from you David. And that’s before we come to the fact that it’s an original and you wrote it!
Great production, mixing, editing, manipulation and whatever else goes on in a DAW. :smiley:

Well done and chapeau to you both. :clap::clap:

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This is terrific David! Loved it all…guitar, lead, vocals, production! Your voice fits so well with a bluesy tune! I loved the @sclay final solo…Bravi ragazzi! (Good boys! :blush:) I didn’t find it too long to tell the truth, maybe I love the blues as well, more than I actually know :grin::blush: Again, amazing job :clap::clap::clap:

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Wow, Dave and Shane - that was magic! Loved every minute of it. Do some more!

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Hello David! Wow, beautiful blues, everything is perfectly played and sung, my applause!


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That was great David. The song had a really nice vibe to it and was pretty catchy too. It’s not easy to write an original and definitely not easy to write a good one but this was right up there. I hope you are proud of how this piece turned out!

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Amazing David !!!

Can’t beat a bit of 12 bar blues, fantastic work from you both :v:

Thanks to everyone for the kind words.
I was honoured to be asked by David to provide some lead lines - my first collaboration with another guitarist.
Such a catchy little tune from the first time I heard it, and Davids voice was made for it.
Great production by David, and it was truly a pleasure to work with him. And its funny how a specific, accountable task, and a bit of pressure, can generate some new ideas.

Cheers, Shane


I can’t lie, it is a happy moment to come back and read all the encouraging supportive comments. Of course the trick is not to become addicted and enslaved to views, likes, and positive comments, one’s well-being and esteem being dependent on dopamine hits.

Thank you all.

@sairfingers I do enjoy all that goes into producing a song, all that comes with it in the DAW, Gordon. For sure not everybody’s cuppa, but I’ve found it as satisfying as everything else. I guess that truly makes me a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, otehr than maybe a master of fun :laughing:

@SILVIA I think the combination of general love of music plus supportive nature of the Community gives us all the opportunity to enjoy music we other may never have listened to, Silvia. Glad you enjoyed this little blues as much as I enjoy your classical music.

@twistor59 More as in more originals is a big ask of me, Phil, they all seem to be like babies, nine months from conception to being shared :laughing:

@MikeSebastianP perfect may be a tad hyperbolic, but I’ll appreciate it all the same, Mike

@Eddie_09 you are right, Eddie, originals are not easy so glad it turned out well for you.

@elevatortrim @Chazzo78 appreciate you both stopping by, taking time to listen and comment.


Sorry, bit late to the party on this one, David, but great work, really enjoyed that! Fits nicely into my current learning direction and I picked up at least a couple of relevant artists I haven’t listened to yet (Jimmy Vaughan, Robert Cray,…), so thank you for that as well :sunglasses:
Very impressed with your playing & @sclay’s “secret sauce” solo! :wink: Also your vocal range really surprised me and I thought you did a fantastic job :clap:
Well done again and looking forward to the next! :metal:

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You can’t be too late to the party if it’s still hopping! :wink: :laughing:
What can I say, David? You keep on keeping on… and improving in all departments.
You’ve taken the vocal training by the horns and it shows.
I’d donate some body part to have your mixing/production chops.
An original on top of that.
Where’s that ol’-fashioned vibes button?
Good on you for coaxing @sclay into the collab community.
Boy done superb.
Everybody deserves a fair shake of the secret sauce bottle :wink:

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@nzmetal Hardly late, Jeff, not yet even a week since posting. Glad you enjoyed the song and discovered some new great (at least I think so) artists. Just to be clear, all the lead guitar, the licks throughout the songf and the outro solo was Shane. The rhythm guitar was my playing, which is nothing too special.

@brianlarsen Always quick with the wit, Brian. I think you have always done pretty well whenever you’ve produced one from the Larsen Family and Friends Band. The year of Chris Liepe was definitely worth the investment. Appreciate the vibes :smiley:

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Excellent playing and singing David and Shane and what a catchy track you wrote. Like JK, that is going to be my earworm for the evening.

What did you do to your vocals David? Sounded goooood.

@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, glad to hear you enjoyed it and appreciate the encouraging comment.

If you (or anybody else is interested) I can write up the entire process to produce the vocal for this song. Just let me know and I’ll share the ste-by-step.

For now…

The vocal is double-tracked ie two versions sung in unison. Just like double-tracking a guitar part, the recording of two parts in the same way adds extra texture and fullness, the effect of the small differences (or larger if I am the singer, guitar player) that are not large enough to make it sound all messy and horrible.

Then I used the Waves CLA Vocals plug-in on both. CLA is Chris Lord-Alge, a renowned mixer, who worked with Waves to produced this plug-in that is a single plug-in you can use in your DAW that adds EQ, compression, reverb, and delay. It has a couple of presets that I always use as a departure point. By using two different presets on each track you further enhance both the sound of each individual track plus the combined effect of the two together.


Another late arrival but I seem to be missing loads at the moment, so must do some trawling.

Great collab over a Blues standard. All the midi track were well built and sounded nice and crisp in the background. Super rhythm tone and a solid romp from beginning to end David !
Lead n licks, sound really nice Shane you continue to up your game and had a great tone going there. Really good catchy vocals, with DP pushing your range to the max, with a fair bit of fry coming through. Was wondering about the doubling and thought you may have pushed the vox through the PA but a double track using CLA Vocals made perfect sense. Pretty much Waves go to plugins for quick quality win, can’t go wrong with CLA products. That and some nice mixing to spread the sound out, production was nicely done. Good job all rounds folks.
Well done ! :+1:


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@TheMadman_tobyjenner glad you enjoyed it, Toby, it was a fun project.

I keep the PA solely for live play and making those one-take play-and-sing videos. And for those I’m wanting quick and easy, minimum work from recording to posting, so no post-processing.

For home studio recording projects, I go dry into the DAW and then use what’s in the toolbox. Now there’s another source of GAS pressure … all the apps, plugins, and digital instruments :joy:

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Awsome job boys :fire::fire::fire:

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@trond, thanks Trond, and glad you enjoyed it.

Wow, this thing is a masterpiece all the way around!! Keep up the good work all!!

@Traveler Thanks for taking a look and the encouraging comment, Travis; much appreciated!

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