I played drums today

I might have to learn some drumming. At least sequencing them.

Whenever I try putting together something in ableton I feel the drum should go first and I struggle with them

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That’s very cool. I’m not really a drummer, but I took a few basic lessons when I was in Singapore, as it’s something I always wanted to try. I enjoyed them a lot.

For me, the biggest issue was my right leg. I found that got tired after about half an hour, especially if I was practicing a pattern with a lot of kicks, or double kicks.

I also found balancing on the throne a challenge sometimes, especially when a hi hat movement (fast open and close, there’s a name for it I can’t remember) comes straight after a kick.

I also struggled with counting. It’s something that I know is important and I spent quite a bit of my limited rehearsal time trying to perform the grooves and, especially, the fills, whilst counting.

Great to hear you got a chance to do it again.



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