I wanna be sedated - The Ramones plus Still Got The Blues (solo 1)

Listened to both the other day but didn’t leave a comment. You’re doing great dude.

The finer touches on a solo like that come with more time & experience imho. Sounded good.

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Thank you JK. :smiley:

I cannot agree more. The finesse is a sign of full competency and that requires a lot of time. It is still a long way to get there.

However, I think it is important to know these things, to understand them and to try them actively.

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Great blues solo. I can feel the emotions through the music.

Also, I enjoyed the Ramones cover. Great rhythm. It works great with the backing track.

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Thank you Mathieu! :smiley:

Hi Boris,

Two excellent song choices.

Nice work on Still Got the blues.


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Really great share Boris! Well done on the Ramones, very tight playing! Still got the blues is probably one of the most difficult solos to nail due to not only high technical skills, but also due to pure emotion put into that solo by Garry. You are on the right path, just start swinging those strings more aggressively to get the right level of vibrato and you’ll be much closert to the finish line! :grinning: all the best

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