I'm looking for a 1st electric guitar + amp for home use only - budget approx €300-350

NEVER buy a bundle.
At least one, if not all, of the items will be sub-par and a cause for regret.

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There are many shouts for the quality of the Katana 50 or 100 watt versions.
No doubt it is a great amp doing what it does.

The OP is on a small (not yet known) budget for guitar and amp both.
A Katana 50 cost £230 and a 100 costs £350.
Then people are saying if being too loud is an issue use the attenuator to play at the 0.5 watt setting.
@DarrellW is getting to the crux of the matter with a 10w £66 amp although I would point to other, similar, options for not much more. Vox Pathfinders are decent. Look for 2nd hand Blackstar ID 10 for a fair bit under £100.

Blackstar fly 3 is a great portable option for home use. Has some good clean and overdriven tones without too much fiddling, no danger of getting sidetracked with effects, plenty loud enough for home use, and only about £50 new I think. Seems to take pedals in front of it pretty well if you want to get into effects further down the line too

Good shout.
And, in a similar vein, the Katana Mini is small, very affordable, and does what is needed to get started.

Blackstar Fly’s are great.

Totally different league from (say) a Katana 50, but awesome.



If you want very small and portable, the Nu-x Mighty Lite desktop amp is great. I have a couple hand-built tube amps I made in years past but primarily use this little amp for practice as it is super convenient:

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Hi @Richard_close2u,

First of all thanks for the replies!
The max I would want to spend is around 300-350€. I started playing an acoustic guitar about 2 years ago, so not a total beginner. I was thinking of buying a ST-style guitar. I haven’t decided what colour I want it to be yet. I guess I will know it when I see it.

Those that I showed cost €347 approx, you usually get a cable with their guitars so for now you wouldn’t need anything else. They also do some very good ST style other than that one, they have a buy or return policy and an exceptionally good warranty service.

You can’t go wrong with these:

Yamaha Pacifica Yamaha Pacifica 112J models €239

Harley Benton ST: Harley Benton ST models €189-249

Blackstar Fly Blackstar Fly €77

Boss Katana Mini: Katana Mini €109

Blackstar ID COre 20 Blackstar ID Core 20 €185

My first thought was “Yamaha Pacifica and a Katana Mini,” which fits nicely into Richard’s list of options, above. (Anything on that list would be a solid choice.)


Thanks everyone for the replies!

I am considering these 2 guitars:

and I am wondering what the difference is between these 2.
I haven’t decided between the Boss Katana Mini or the Blackstart Fly yet.

The 112V is one step higher than the 112J. Slightly better pickups and switch gear. You can also coil tap the 112v humbucker ( making it more like a single coil). I don’t think you can do that on the 112J.

The 112 V is better but more expensive.
More colour chouce (perhaps better colours).
Then as @Rossco01 says, improvements in wuality or function of a pickups and electronic parts.