I'm Zack from USA!

Hey, I’m Zachary, but most people call me Zack. I live in Florida and I’m 16 years old. I just bought a Squier Stratocaster 2 months ago, and ever since, I’ve been doing the lessons on this site and am improving at an alarming rate!

Here’s some stuff about me:

  • I normally make music digitally from my Macbook
  • I do a lot of visual 3D stuff with Blender
  • I like to code software and try to break other software (Cyber Security)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I always like answering!

My site, for all the people who’d like to see my Blender stuff - maybe if I have the server space, I’ll upload some music for you to hear too :slight_smile:


Welcome Zack,

Good luck with the guitar and reach out if you need help. Its great that you are starting at a young age. Give it a few years and you will be outplaying most of us on this site


Hi Zack

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

I’m pretty new here too but had some cool interactions already.

I also started some years ago with learning producing on Ableton and started a few months ago with guitar. If you ever want to talk about producing, hit me up!

Wish you a lot of fun on your musical journey!




I mostly use FL Studio, but got Ableton not that long ago - will let you know if I need any help with it :slight_smile:


FL Gang :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if you’ll switch camps when you get used to it :slight_smile:

If you got the suite version I advise you to check out the M4L section on the Ableton homepage if you haven’t already. There are some free M4L devices that are quite fun.

Yeah, hit me up if you ever need some advice in Ableton. I’m pretty used to it’s quirks by now. But there are millions of ways in Ableton to enhance the workflow imho.


Hi Zack.

You picked the perfect place for learning guitar and the perfect age to start. A lot of us wished we would have started at 16. I suggest to record your Sean’s your progress and eventually you’ll see how quickly you progress in skills. We have a section to post recording yourself and your progress. I think I’ve posted 20-30 songs here since I started a couple years ago, some great some sucked but I just keep at it. I also suggest to take time to explore the fretboard beyond the first 4 frets and work on timing before speed. Best of luck and nice to meet you.

Jeff -from the other ocean in California

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Hi there.

I finally replied to your email. Been working way too many hours lately.


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Hi zack, welcome aboard! You’ve come to the right place. There’s a wealth of guitar knowledge on the site.

Not that I’m the spokesperson for the group but many of us are technically challenged so your expertise is welcome!

Good luck on your journey!

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Welcome to the forum Zack.

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Welcome Zack, I wish I had started playing at 16! You’ll have a hobby for life I am sure and it’s going to be great to keep an eye on your progress.
Have huge fun with your learning!

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Sounds like you’re everything a Zoomer aspires to be creatively. Keep it up!

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Hello Zack and welcome.

It’s great to read you are improving at a fast rate. Interesting stuff on your website too.

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Welcome Zack.

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Welcome Zack! Congrats on your decision to learn guitar. Whenever you struggle and tend to give up on playing, think about all the people 50+ who wish they had started earlier in life! Great age to start as learning is a lot faster. I wish you losts of fun!

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Hi Zack, welcome to the community. There is a lot that you can learn here. Sounds like you are really making progress. Have fun.

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Hey Zack. Welcome to the community. I’ve got a couple of brothers who live in Florida and I also enjoy coding in my spare time after many years working as a developer. Look forward to hearing more from you

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Welcome, Zack, other than the make of your guitar, I pretty much haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. But this is a great place to learn. Wish I’d started that young! :upside_down_face:


Welcome to the community, Zack! Glad you found your way here and share your creative mind with us. :smiley:
Have lots of fun exploring and learning the guitar! :smiley:

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Hi Zack,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hi Zach, welcome. Good you’re improving at an alarming rate. If at some point your improvement slows down don’t get alarmed. Some skills can take you longer than others, but with enough practice time all of them can be achievable. Have fun with all the creative stuff you are doing.

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