In Case You Didn't Know Cover - Brett Young (Take 2)

Hey guys i just wanted to share another song with yall!! I think i could do this one alot better so ill probably redo it! I only had like an hour to record it. I know some of my rhythm in it is kinda sloppy, I def need to practice it more!! But lemme know what you guys think of it! I LOVE this song, as i can relate to it. Peace out guys! Enjoy! I just redid it hopefully its better!!! More stable rhythm i think lol. And some lead!!! In Case You DIdnt Know Cover - YouTube


Great as always… never heard of this song before so i need to check it out.
Again. I think your strumming is ace!!


Thanks tRONd! Yeah its a really pretty song you should check it out!!!

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I didn’t think the rhythm sloppy, Byron. I liked it. Your recording output is amazing. Quite a talent you have of turning songs around so quickly. All your songs have something going for them. Takes me ages to practice a song enough to record it.

Thanks Willsie!! Lol yeah I guess I’m just hard in my self. Happy you liked it!!! :smiley:

Another good one Bytron. Though I don’t know the song, so I’m going to go and have a listen.

Generally I thought your rhythm was good but there was a couple of occasions I noticed it just went a little.

Thanks SgtColon, Yeah i may redo this one because of that, I know i can do better with it. Glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Just got done with my 2nd take!!! Wink wink lol.