"Incomplete" - first original song by Brendan

Beautiful tune and arrangement.

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Hi Brendan,

Congrats on the first original.

I know it’s a guitar forum (mostly. :)), but loving those synth sounds.
Really good write with very nice musical melodies.

I wouldn’t say the vocal was lousy at all - I reckon you’re just lacking a bit of confidence to really let go and are singing within yourself - which is perhaps making the vocal lower than it might need to be.
It’s even more difficult when you’re writing your own stuff as it’s just what’s coming out of you - no pre-written vocal melody to follow. So, hats off for taking on the challenge.


Brendan that was really great piece of music, fabolous job and even more impressive for someone who not that long ago started his guitar journey! Hats off!

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Haha this guy gets it :smiley: :+1:

I grew up listening to a lot of synth-drenched 80’s music, and I love it. I feel like that kind of sound became unpopular for a long while, but seems to be making a bit of a comeback nowadays. It’s delightful.

Bravo Brendan! :clap: :clap:

First of all, congrats on your first original song. It was really well done. Nice production. Great playing. Good lyrics. What is not to like?

I’m looking forward to future projects from you.

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That was a very enjoyable listening, I liked the lyrics and the vibe of your vocals especially. You can be proud of yourself, if this is only your first attempt what next?! BRAVO!

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Well done Brendan, a great achievement to write your own material. Nice progression, so I can understand why that would become an ear worm needing further treatment. The out come was a nice catchy tune with, for me, a little 80s synth vibe about it. Good lyrics to supplement the music. Great job sir !

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Thanks so much for the lovely feedback @SgtColon, @adi_mrok, @SILVIA and @TheMadman_tobyjenner, much appreciated!