Intensified learning option - advice wanted for a long practice routine

Hi everyone.

Right now I have the luxury of being a full time house wife. This gives me a great deal of freedon with my time and hence time for learning and practice. My day starts at 3am through 6-7pm

IF. ! You had about 16+ hours a day and you really wanted to do an intesified study to really make the most of that chance. How would you go about any material on the site for grade 1.

Take into account the time of day and living in a flat…

For instance, I could do half hour of muted strumming practice in the early hours (wont disturb the neighbours)

I’m thinking about 3 or even 4 sessions a day but with a mindful watch on hand pain ( I will judge as I go)
as I couldn’t practice all the chords and changes in one sitting, that would be to painful right now

Ideas please would be great, any material that can be done for a grade 1 EVEN if it’s not in grade 1( complex strumming rythems.) Like 4 Non Blondes, what’s up D DUD DUDUDU UDU in time (with a lot of concentration) but cant do the chords yet.
So those of you that have seen material outside of grade 1 that you think appropriate , add a link for me please.

I’ll be practicing 6 days then 2/3 days without as that will match my partners work pattern.


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Work out what it is that keeps you motivated. For me it was learning songs more than anything else. Once I could play my first song all the way through, my motivation increased and kept increasing with each song.

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I’d just follow the grades and like Tony says learn more songs. Be wary of burn out and especially over sore fingers with too much playing early on.

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Also if it’s at a time that you need to keep the noise down then why not delve into the music theory course

I know I have to go through each grade but grade 1 20min isn’t enough to drive me and changes aren’t up to par yet for a song.

I was thinking on the lines of, early morning strumming, few hours before noon, half the grade 1 chords and changes and same again in the afternoon with the rest of the chords.

May have to delve into each of the sites areas to see what I an add


I did the part 1 yeserday with 1 error :slight_smile:

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After I built my calluses I did an hour a day on grade 1. You could do 2x sessions a day. You’ll go faster but there is a limit, particularly when building your calluses. If you cut your fingers you’ll set yourself back.

You’ll get yourself up to speed for a song in no time

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I admire your enthusiasm, but learning guitar. It takes time. You can rush trough the modules. But building calluses and muscle memory will take time. Now no person is alike, and you might pick it up quite easy. But your better off setting yourself up for long term learning. Keep it fun. It will not happen overnight.
Just my 2 ct

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Would maybe suggest its as much about the journey and try to enjoy. Only the newbie here with some sore fingers. Been doing practice songs but also chose couple project songs to have fun with. Trying not to overplay and hurt the fingers. For me the practice songs are ok but I prefer project songs maybe a little more. Only worried maybe I doing some advance stuff too soon like hammer on and note slide but finding it fun. Lots of learning materials available its pretty awesome. Good luck on your journey!!

Hi Rachel,…

Nice ,me too :sunglasses:,…except that house wife and I get out of bed at 7 o’clock…
i just started at grade 1 almost at the same time bought the theory curses and i also did a lot of technique lessons pretty fast,…i started way to much at almost the same time and pain in my fingers i never experienced but I experience things like that a little differently…now things are starting to fall together due to the enormous broad base(foundation) I have built …despite the teacher’s warning here that you have to go up the pyramid in time,
and not just keep expanding the base…(which I understand but my goal with playing guitar is also a lot different than just getting good…)…, this was all possible because I also knew that I would keep a lot of time in the coming years, otherwise is it better to take it easy anyway because you just forget a lot if you are busy with music for 8 hours a day like I do… But the most important thing is that you have fun and like playing the guitar for 16 hours and learning music makes you happy you should do that :sunglasses:…An electric guitar with headphones can help you with the quiet hours,…

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Playing for 16 hours, no , ouch ouch. I have 16+ hours to my day so I can easily fit in 3 or 4 session at no more than 30mins.

I’ve been looking at the G1 modules and have put a lot of items in one session for see what I can try.

So far I’ve put these in for practice out of approx 40 items.

About 25mins
Alternate Picking Single String
One Minute Changes: G to D
One Minute Changes: C to D
One Minute Changes: D to E
One Minute Changes: A to E
One Minute Changes: A to D
Chord Perfect: E
Chord Perfect: D
Chord Perfect: A
Chord Perfect: G
Strumming L3
Strumming L4
Anchor Finger Practice
Beginner Finger Stretch

Later I’ll add song practice to this.


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It’s probably worth spending time on Theory if you want to max out your learning, suspect your fingers will limit practice time early on. Justin has a good course on his site, learn the fretboard as well.

I practiced 2 hours a day for a long time, tried to fit in lots of technical practice routines from anywhere I could find, so lots of time just searching youtube as well.

But I’ve come to the conclusion a lot of my practice time was junk because I was just going through the motions. Also tend to think it’s a law of diminishing returns on daily practice time, but also believe the better you get the more practice time can be expanded and still yield full benefit. To get really good at guitar can’t be rushed, if you want to get really good, as others have said ,you really have to learn how to enjoy the journey.

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Of course much more logical, … I have 8 hours a day to spend on whatever I want (including food in between and small household chores and such), lucky me :blush:… but you also have a great/lot practice time :sunglasses:,. …good luck planning :grin:

The confusion arose with me because we have 24 hours in a day here :laughing:

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You fool you , lol…

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I would also dedicate some time to listening to music, especially the songs you are learning to play. Diligent listening, where you try to hear the different instruments (especially guitar, of course), see if the strumming pattern is discernible, etc. I have found that a useful (and enjoyable!) activity.


Beginner who started in Feb. I also have a decent amount of time to practice. 3 areas I recommend concentrate on. Here is some of what I did and I wish I did.

  1. strumming
  2. chord changes
  3. technique

Do a couple sessions throughout the day if you have time. Sometimes I can sit there for hours practicing a song. But I do break up the exercises

technique Exercises : (3- 5 min each)
Minimum movement exercise
Spider exercise
Hammer on exercise

Find a beginner grade one song you want to learn. (I did “wish you were here” it has a little bit Of everything I wanted to learn. And to get some challenge I learned the solo. (Slides and bends- little more advanced ).

**Strumming ** (5 min)
Old faithful Or a pattern found in im song want to learn.
I recommend muted So you Focus only on the Strumming, + it’s quiet. I really struggled with Strumming. And didn’t get it until I learned the percussive hit

2 pair of one min chord changes:
- use chord changes that are in song you r learning make the practice time more beneficial.

Well if you got to the bottom of this post I hope my recommendations may help. Everybody is different though. these are some things that I did and that I wish I had done, looking back. Check out links below. I really hope by sharing my experience it may help others beginning this journey as well. Good luck. Cheers.

P.s. record Yourself and share. there are many benefits. Take time with modules. And theory is cool (helps you become better )
**Metronome ** - get time trainer app

Links that may be helpful:

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I hope to get the lifetime access from the site but accont needs time to recover from the shock ATM. lol

Thank you for the links, I hadn’t come across these yet. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my dashboard and practice area to work right. Some of the attached videos weren’t working like Chord perfect C. I finally managed to fix yesterday afternoon.

Thanks again for you inout here, this is great.


Hi Rachel my suggestion would be to go through Grade 1, see Justin’s suggestions regarding practice schedules, puck what you feel you want and need the most to play full songs and increase your time durations for each practice. So for instance instead of 2 mins do 10 mins for exercise.

Also with calluses still toughening up I suggest splitting your practice to 2-3 sessions up to an hour. Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

I just came across this timely article.

I think there are some interesting and helpful thoughts.

I would be careful about burnout, lots of small practices during the time you have with breaks that change up what you are doing, like time for listening, theory and so on. Naps and exercise probably are also helpful.

Regarding metronome practice, there are a lot of different opinions about this. I can hardly play to the metronome, it messes me up. Yet, at the same time I think it is important. Not necessarily to play a whole piece along with the metronome, but to build your internal sense of timing and to check that internal sense. So play with it sometimes, use it outside pieces for strumming and scale practices and just tap along to it to train time.

I wish I had more time to practice, but after a couple of hours in a row, I am no longer benefiting and things break down which could lead to learning mistakes.

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