Intermediate learner, I think? Barre chords, more open chords and some fingerstyle

My first day on the new forum – so far much slicker and modern than the old one. I’m a year and half into my guitar journey, working on Grade 4 Intermediate and just started some fingerstyle lessons from Grade 5. Major barre chords are getting much better but I noticed that I really struggle with size 12 strings on an acoustic. I have another acoustic with size 11’s and that’s where I’m focusing most of my time. I’ve watched Justin’s newest lesson on barre chords and the many tips are so welcome, thanks Justin!

Later this week, I’m attending a 90-minute fingerstyle acoustic workshop with the Acoustic Guitar Summit, a trio of apparently renowned fingerstyle players. I found out that they were doing a concert later in the evening which I hope to attend too, but am on wait-list. I’m a big fan of Justin’s but this local workshop just appeared and I thought it would be fun.


Good to meet you here, Bob.

Hope you get into that workshop; sounds awesome. And there is no preciousness here about learning from a variety of sources. We all do that to some degree. Obviously we don’t dwell and talk that up here, this being the JustinGuitar Community.

Have you taken a look at Justin’s Advanced Folk Fingerstyle course?

Hi Bob,

Have fun on the Fingerstyle summit!
You can’t let chances liek that pass. Which players are coming?

Welcome on the new Community!

Welcome Bob and good to have you here…sounds like you’ve got some interesting stuff going on.

Good to meet you too, David! I actually did get into the workshop, just on wait list for the concert later in the evening.

I did check out Justin’s Folk Fingerstyle course. Started on the first lesson already.


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Hi Lieven,

All three of the Acoustic Guitar Summit (that’s their band name I guess) will be there: Mark Hanson, Terry Robb and Doug Smith, for the concert at least. I hope all three are there for the workshop too.


Hi Rossco01,

Yeah, I’m trying to keep busy. Can’t say that “retiring” is a lot of fun with the pandemic still raging. But at least my passion for music is keeping me motivated.


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Hello - I’m starting Grade 3 and practicing skills from Grade 2.
Right now, I’m establishing my one-hour per day practice schedule following Justin’s suggestions of the six areas:
1)Technique - finger gym, and chord changes and/or strumming and/or F Barre chord (little F - hate it), and/or Finger Stretching, and/or Finger picking - there’s so much.
2) Knowledge - D shape explorer and notes on fret board
3) Repertoire - working up 10 song repertoire (update to come0
4) Ear Training/Transcribing - will do once or twice a week
5) Time - strumming along with songs on Justify’s Spotify list
6) Improvisation / Exploring - not sure about this category yet.

Finished my book, been writing it since Oct 31 2018 - very excited for next stages. It also means I have more time for guitar!!

Hope to spend more time on the community boards as well.

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Congrats, Vinnie. What’s the book about?

Good job and wish you well on the practice schedule. Look forward to hearing you play.

Thanks David - the book is a memoir, all the craziness of life. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more when it’s time to do so.

The guitar comes into play in several places, and in the Epilogue. I’ll share more soon.

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Hi Vinnie,

I just read your profile, and your introductory messages here. You sound like you have lived an interesting life. Not much for me to say here other than sounds like you are in a great place in your guitar journey and ready to take it to the next level. You’ll have to keep us posted on publication of your memoir!

@VinnieV08 Look forward to hearing more in due course, Lee